Chinese Communist Party Uses False Economic Data to Deceive Overseas Investors

Edited by:Rebecca (一切心皆不可得!)

China’s economy is being isolated from the outside world.

The CCP has enacted a new data security law that allows the CCP government to control information about any foreign investor, company, or corporation, while at the same time, conceal the terrible conditions that exist under CCP rule.

Communist China’s economic data is a national security issue.

Why does the CCP consider all economic data related to China’s economy a national security issue?

Because the CCP has made the country into a poor, business-hating, almost-defunct China.

Because real data relentlessly smacks the CCP in the face, and  myth of China’s economic invincibility which promoted by CCP.

Because Xi Jinping’s paranoia and arrogance have demolished China’s economy beyond repair.

Things have never been worse in this communist country since the global economic slowdown of 2008-09.

This is compounded by the fact that there has been a massive surge of viral infections in the Communist China and embargoes have been re-imposed in various cities in China.

Not wanting foreign investors to see the poor state of the Chinese economy, the Communist Party has introduced various state policies to hide the truth.

Just to name a few recent policies and tricks introduced by the CCP.

-In early November 2021, Beijing introduced a new Data Protection Regulation.

-In early December, the Chinese Communist Party withdrew DiDi(NYSE:DIDI) from the New York Stock Exchange.

-In mid-December, the CCP announced restrictions on millions of retail investors in mainland China from easily trading in foreign markets such as the U.S. and Hong Kong.

-On December 27, 2021, the CCP banned foreign investors from investing in Chinese Start-ups Company.

These reports that have emerged over the past two months foreshadow the CCP’s fears.

Therefore, hiding data is the only viable solution for the CCP right now,
to keep foreign investors stay in Chinese market.


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