Australia and Japan sign “Reciprocal Access Agreement” in order to defense Chinese Communist Party’s threats

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – monster

According to Australia’s media report at January 5th, local time, Japan Ambassador to Australia YAMAGAMI Shingo stated that Japan and Austrilia both will sign “Reciprocal Access Agreement” on January 7, 2021, in order to allow troops from both countries to enter each other’s territory, thus enhancing military training in both countries.

The report mentions, this agreement is the sencend time that Japan sign military agreement with forgren country since Japan sign Defense Agreement with United States after World War II. Ambassador YAMAGAMI Shingo emphasizes that this agreement is a historical important agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to increase the intensity, scale, and frequency of joint exercises between the two countries’ militaries to defend military threats from CCP together. 

Reference: 日澳签署《相互准入协定》防阻中共威胁

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