GETTR Spanish Sign-Ups Explode by 571% in 2022

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On January 4th, GETTR CEO Jason Miller said that Spanish language sign-ups on GETTR have exploded 571% since January 1st amid growing opposition to abusive censorship practiced by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. 

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Data showed that the GETTR platform brought over 170,000 new users on the 2nd, with major figures including journalist Andy Ngo, political commentator Dave Rubin, comedian Larry the Cable Guy, and the famed psychologist and author Professor Jordan Peterson. 

The rise in sign-ups followed Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend the account of Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene over supposed violations of the company’s COVID-19 policies. YouTube also censored the video content of podcast superstar Joe Rogan. Currently, Greene has joined GETTR and has quickly accumulated over 590,000 followers.  

In response, Miller said that Big Tech suppresses the freedom of speech and they will come for anyone who doesn’t conform to their worldview. “The incredible growth we are experiencing at GETTR is proof that people are waking up to this dangerous reality and are hungry for an alternative which protects freedom of expression,” he concluded. 

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