Miles Whistleblowing 5.1.2022 CCP tries to use digital currencies to control the future

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On January 5, Miles Guo, opened the live broadcast in New York with his characteristic light-hearted humor, only to emphatically announce to the world shortly afterwards, that digital currency is definitely the future of humanity, but the Chinese Communist Party is trying to control the future through digital currency.

The CCP’s real estate is an important strategic tool to control the people for decades or even generations, and it is a typical manifestation of the five Shang Dynasty techniques that the CCP has always used to oppress and weaken the people. Mr. Guo has reported more than once that the CCP is trying to use digital currencies to achieve so-called wealth distribution to “stabilize” the real estate market and keep the people from rising up and overthrowing the regime.

Even more unbelievably, the CCP plans to use digital currencies to realize its insane intention to expand its territory.

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