Miles Whistleblowing (01.05.2022): Upcoming Man-Made Disasters in China before CCP’s Collapse

By billwilliam

The Chinese people will gradually experience food shortages and other disasters in the next two years, as Mr. Miles Guo cited intelligence from inside the Chinese Communist Party. 

Xi Jinping allegedly ordered officials to secure food supply for the common people (including the supply of vegetables and grains for two years) and to maintain at least a 35% employment rate, or otherwise, the citizens will rise up to overthrow the CCP regime. That’s why the CCP has bought up 62% of the global food supply in the international market to sustain the regime for the next 24 months. The CCP will gradually reduce food supply so that the common people don’t immediately starve to death but will have to eat less and give up meat consumption. For instance, the average person who previously consumed 50kg of food at a certain time will only eat 25kg in the future. The purpose of gradually tightening food supply is to let the Chinese people become accustomed to food shortage, just as a frog won’t struggle if it is boiled slowly. There won’t be drastic hikes in food prices in China before the regime’s collapse. By the same token, real estate prices in China won’t plunge very sharply since a real estate market crash will spell doom for the regime.       

The CCP regime has planned for the death of 100-150 million Chinese people in the coming years. According to Mr. Guo, the Chinese people will be divided into social classes: the elites, the mid-level citizens, the low-level citizens, and those who should be killed. For example, the cold-blooded regime believes the people in Xi’an City should die because they are disobedient. By the end of this year, hordes of people will be taken to remote quarantine sites and disappear forever. 

The regime also rolls out the digital RMB to promote “Common Prosperity.” The digital RMB is the best tool to plunder the people’s wealth because it enables the regime to commit robbery digitally. Therefore, the regime bans other types of cryptocurrencies in China. Being a tool controlled by the top CCP leadership, the digital RMB stifles the Chinese people’s future. 

While famine in China is looming over the horizon, the CCP madly plans to conquer territories such as Hongkong, Taiwan, Philippines, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. These territories will be subverted through economic warfare tactics including digital currency and exporting inflation. Besides, Communist China, Russia, and Iran have also accumulated the largest gold reserves.

The CCP is just like any other fascist regime that doesn’t value human lives. All dictators believe that death is a necessity for a country to grow stronger. In their views, the deaths of the people are a sacrifice. Adolf Hitler once declared, “We can achieve victory only if half the Germans die.” His Italian counterpart Benito Mussolini made similar comments. The Emperor of Imperial Japan also felt Japan could become a powerful country if all Japanese die for their country. The complete disregard of human lives is horrifying.

The CCP’s propaganda often portrays the United States as the aggressor ready to invade China, and the CCP regime uses such lies to justify its military expansions. The CCP is exporting revolution, dumping products from excess production capacity, trying to control the Middle East, deploying mid-ranged missiles in Asia, launching orbital weapons into the space, expanding its sphere of influence into the Baltic regions, trying to conquer Mongolia and Taiwan, and militarizing the South China Sea. Fortunately, the CCP won’t dare to invade Taiwan because the Whistleblower Movement will expose the regime’s schemes. 


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