GETTR’s annual “CCP’s Biggest Nightmare Award”-Mr. Miles Guo

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Atlas

According to our reporter on January 3rd, GETTR’s CEO Jason Miller announced on the same day: The 2021 Global GETTR Influencer Award Ceremony: the winner of the CCP’s Biggest Nightmare Award — Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

CEO Jason Miller stated on his GETTR Live show, “Working to eradicate the evil regime of the CCP is the number one priority and the true mission that GETTR should accomplish and must be fulfill. And when we talk about the fatal blow to the CCP’s tyranny, “TAKE DOWN THE CCP” is the first trending song we think of that sweep through the whole world. The singer of this song is a great patriot, our brother-sister-in-arms, and the founder of GETTR-Mr. Miles Guo.” Jason Miller also said from the bottom of his heart that Mr. Guo is an extraordinary activist with great vision, who never thinks about his own interests and is bent on caring for all of humanity.

In addition, Jason Miller recalled that when he was asked to be GETTR’s CEO, he asked Mr. Guo whether GETTR’s main goal was to become a giant publicly traded company that would make a lot of money, or whether he should first take down the CCP. Without hesitation, Mr. Guo chose to eradicate the CCP at that time. To that end, Mr. Guo takes action every day and wholeheartedly supported and participated in all causes to eradicate the CCP. With this in mind, Mr. Miles Guo is a worthy recipient of the 2021 GETTR Influencer – CCP’s Biggest Nightmare Award.

Source: 盖特年度“中共最大梦魇奖”获得者—郭文贵先生 – GNEWS

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