Huge “No Vaccine Mandate” Rally To Be Held In New York This Week

Jan. 5th, 2022

According to a story by The Gateway Pundit on January 3rd, 2022, it talks about a rally that will take place during Governor Kathy Hochul’s “State of the State” Address. Organisers say this event is expected to attract thousands. New York has been the testing ground for unprecedented local and state executive mandates that have started to sweep across the country. New proposed legislation in New York State now includes a bill that makes it legal for children to be vaccinated without parental consent. Activists continue to warn the nation that if it can happen in New York, it can happen anywhere.

How can it be that government officials can inject a relatively untested, rushed-to-market, and still experimental vaccine into your child without any parental consent whatsoever? surely this is child abuse at best if not willfully endangering life. This sort of enforcement belongs in 1940’s Germany and not in a supposedly modern society like America.

“Thousands of New Yorkers fed up with ineffective, but destructive, Covid orders will gather at the Capitol in Albany for Governor Kathy Hochul’s first State-of-the-State Address and the first day of the 2022 legislative session on Wednesday, January 5th,” said organiser John Gilmore of Autism Action Network.

Robert F. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense is sponsoring this event along with over 4o other organisations. According to the Children’s Health Defense:

“There are dozens of bills that we intend to stop. They read like a drug company’s Christmas wish list, including mandating new vaccines, taking away parents’ right to even know what shots are given to our children, eliminating medical privacy for adults, eliminating religious exemptions from vaccine mandates for college and employment (religious exemptions for schoolchildren were eliminated in 2019), there is even a bill to allow the Governor to imprison at will anyone suspected of being a public health risk!

Hopefully, with more and more of these events happening not only in America but all over the world, governments and big pharma will realise that ‘we the people’ are becoming wise to their totalitarian and draconian acts of aggression against us and our children. One thing is for sure if no one does anything then nothing will change and we will be living in a communist regime.

For more information about this story please click the link: “THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR KIDS!” Huge Rally at The Capitol Building in New York this Wednesday! “No Vaccine Mandates!”

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