New York Health Commissioner Admits Using False Numbers to Scare Parents Into Vaccinating Their Kids

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On December 30th, 2021, according to a report from Blaze News: In the eyes of many people regarding the Democratic Party’s criteria for a pandemic caused by the CCP, on Friday, the New York City Health Commissioner “admitted to using overblown claims about child COVID-19 hospitalization to scare parents into vaccinating their kids.”

Surprisingly, it was Dr. Mary Bassett who spoke the secret aloud. She admitted this week to misleading information about the “rising trend” of children hospitalized with the CCP virus. In addition, she admitted that these misleading statements were intended to “inspire” parents to vaccinate their children.

The Health Commissioner’s Office incorporated misleading information into the health alert last Friday without any sources, statistics, or verifiable statements, stating that hospitalized children infected with the CCP virus in the greater New York City area has increased by 400%.

Dr. Bassett was forced to explain the matter at a press conference that included Governor Kathy Hochul.

The Blaze News asserted that Dr. Bassett directly admitted in the press conference that the state health department had deliberately fabricated the numbers to frighten the children’s parents.

Dr. Bassett admits, “The numbers we give for pediatric hospitalizations are not meant to make it look like kids are infected with an epidemic; they are small.”

Then she said, the alert “is based on 50 hospitalized patients. I have now given you some larger numbers, but they are still small numbers.”

When pressed, she added: “This is indeed to prompt pediatricians and families to seek protection from vaccination.”

NBC News pointed out that Dr. Paul Offitt, a vaccine expert at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said that he “recently has seen many children who are not showing symptoms or who are sick have tested positive for the virus.”

Dr. Offit added: “we’re really not seeing an increase in children who are hospitalized for Covid or in the intensive care unit for Covid.”

Offit’s statement appears to confirm what the CDC admitted this week, namely that testing for the CCP virus by the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method is prone to erroneous results and is indistinguishable from the flu virus.

Source: 纽约卫生专员承认用虚假数字吓唬父母而为孩子接种疫苗 – GNEWS

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