39 Illegal Buildings on Evergrande Haihua Island Shall Be Demolished Within 10 Days

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At the beginning of 2022, Evergrande suffered another major blow. On January 1st, the network media exposed that 39 buildings of Evergrande on Haihua island in Hainan were judged as “illegal buildings” and is required to be demolished within 10 days.

According to a punishment decision issued by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of Danzhou City, Hainan Province: A project developed by Danzhou Xinheng Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Haihua No. 2 Island phase III project, which has 39 buildings with a total construction area of more than 430,000 square meters. The planning permit obtained illegally for the project has been revoked, and the tourism company is hereby ordered to dismantle these illegal buildings within 10 days.

Public information shows that Xinheng tourism is a subsidiary of Evergrande Children’s World Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 800 million yuan. Haihua island is known as the world’s largest artificial flower shape island. All buildings involved in the punishment decision are located on Island #2 of the residential functional area.

The total investment of Haihua Island project is 160 billion yuan. This huge expenditure, including the development funds in the early stage, the demolition funds at the present stage and the special ecological restoration fund in the later stage, can be a heavy blow to Evergrande; which is struggling at present.

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