Broadcast|Miles Guo Talks about Selflessness and Altruism

By: MOS Memebr — Mindblade

On the first day of the New Year of 2022, Miles Guo talked about what it means to be selfless and altruistic in his live broadcast on G-TV.

Miles Guo said that there is no animal in the world that hates or rejects its own kind. However, today’s Chinese people extremely lack self-confidence and live without any dignity. The Chinese people around the world, at all times, do not want to communicate much with each other, do not have a sense of mutual trust, and even want to alienate each other. This is the result of having been enslaved and brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese society is full of deception and falsehood, and ordinary people often have to suffer a lot of oppression. When they had the opportunity to come to the democratic world, there was a strong contrast with their previous perceptions, which made them feel uncomfortable instead.

Miles said that he was extremely touch by the communication between him and the brothers-in-arms in the live broadcast. He feels that the people of New Federal State Of China have found their own dignity. We are neither the sick man of East Asia nor the mad man of East Asia. We are neither war wolves nor war sheep. We are normal human beings. We have countless shortcomings, but we also have countless strengths.

We have to transcend more of ourselves, to truly understand the meaning of the New Federal State Of China, and the meaning of saving others. If each person lives only for himself, he will face failure again and again, to different extents. On the contrary, forget about ego and altruism, stick to the mission of Take down the CCP and never give up, love yourself and love your brothers-in-arms who are fighting alongside you, and everything will become infinitely better.

Article: Miles Guo Talks about Selflessness and Altruism

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