Communist China To Deepen Ties With Latin America By Encouraging The Old Debt Trap Routine

Jan. 4th, 2022

China has pumped cheap money into Latin America and the Caribbean for years, indebting governments and effectively buying influence. Where it has been unable to loan or buy, it has used armies of cheap workers to build key infrastructure projects, giving it outsized influence. And those ties are set to deepen with the signing of a new cooperation pact  @Dailymail

According to a story by The Mail Online on January 3rd, 2022, it talks about how communist China has recently made a new deal with leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean to deepen ties across almost all areas of society in what one analyst likened to a plot to ‘take over’ the region. As part of the deal, Beijing has committed to supplying the region with ‘civilian’ nuclear technology, helping to develop ‘peaceful’ space programmes, building 5G networks of the kind Washington warns will be used to spy on people, and pumping in cheap loans and financing for ‘elaborate development plans.’ China has even pledged to build schools and fund classes teaching Chinese language and ‘culture’, though such institutions have been criticised elsewhere for pushing state propaganda and limiting academic freedom.

The seemingly cheap loans will quickly turn into ‘debt traps’, and the pledge to build schools and to fund classes to teach Chinese culture and language will obviously turn into the disturbing and untrustworthy ‘Confucious institutes’ that are basically communist propaganda schools.

The well practised and well-used debt traps routine will only suit the people in charge like all the corrupt government officials and board members that will be filling their pockets as the ridiculously high levels of ‘free money’ that will come flooding in from mainland China, and the Chinese government that will eventually take over in the indebted country.

The scheming communist regime will deliberately pour billions of dollars into Latin America in the knowledge that the debt cannot be re-paid and there will be a clause in the contract stating that if the money is not re-paid in the case of default then an airport, a port a massive piece of land will be taken as payment. This is normal practise as far as the communist totalitarian regime is concerned, you simply need to take a look in Africa to see this routine working as planned by the merciless CCP.

This is all part of the plan to gain land and install 5G and military base’s so as to increase their dominance throughout the world, and while there are corrupt, greedy, and short-sighted politicians this will not be a difficult thing to achieve.

For more information regarding this particular story simply click the link: China’s plot to ‘take over’ Latin America: Beijing inks new deal to share nuclear tech, build 5G networks, develop space programmes, and pump cheap loans into America’s back yard in ‘growing threat’ to US

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4 months ago

did they do the same to other countries in South East Asia?

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