【#G-Hours News】Melbourne man set himself on fire over vaccination mandate policy

Yangfan Farm, Vancouver, Canada ;Broadcasting: Wenguang ;Video Production: Gracelshan

According to Rebel News on January 1st, 2022,due to dissatisfaction with the current medical policy in Victoria, Australia, a man set himself on fire on the streets of Melbourne.

According to witnesses, Melbourne emergency services were called to Church Street in Richmond.There was a car bursting into flames ,the officers watered the man in despair,then held him to the ground ,and arranged an ambulance to escort him to the hospital .

According to the Herald Sun Report ,a woman who helped rescue the man said that “I saw his skin burning until the fire on his body was extinguished “.The witness said that the man’s skin burns so badly that they covered his shirt .

Another witness at the scene said a man set himself on fire in Melbourne city ,at the same time she cried loudly about the mandatory vaccine regulations in Victoria ,before self-immolation, he yelled “vaccination passport, vaccination compulsory ! “The customers of nearby restaurants were shocked by this scene.

Guest at one of the restaurants saw the man before he set himself on fire ,he deliberately covered himself and the car with gasoline .He shouted that the government is compulsory for vaccines, I don’t want the vaccination certificate, throw away the certificate.

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