Broadcast|New York State Change Quarantine Policy for Health Workers Due to Staffing Shortage

By: MOS Finance Team — Yufeihong

On December 24th, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced at a press conference that the state will reduce the amount of time health care workers must quarantine after testing positive for the CCP virus.

Under the state’s new guidelines, fully vaccinated health care staffs can return to work after five days instead of ten days, if they are not showing symptoms or their symptoms are getting better. In addition, Health care providers who return to work must not have had a fever for 72 hours, cannot be taking medication and must wear a mask while on the job. 

In late September, thousands of health workers in New York State were fired for refusing to get the CCP virus jabs before the deadline. Gov. Hochul declared a state of emergency afterward and signed an executive order to send national Guard to a number of health care facilities that were experiencing severe staffing shortages. Two months passed, consequences of vaccine mandate and staff firings are continuing to worsen. Some comments pointed out that the state government would rather allow health workers who are infected than healthy health workers who refuse vaccination to return to work. Such irresponsible act to public life and health safety remains questionable. 

Article: New York State Change Quarantine Policy for Health Workers Due to Staffing Shortage

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