Free Yourself

Author: Jin Wang

Write for the blind
And sing for the deaf
Plant words to crack open the seeds of
An estranged mind
Refusing to
To the Light of the Heart

Be their guide
Be their friend
Aid them to escape boundaries
Silently within

Grant them the saws to cut loose
Binding emotions of
Anger, sorrow, struggle, pain, and fear
Share with them your inner most intimate courage
To break free from confinement
And the darkness that reigns

Never let others’ opinions falsely define you
Dare to be

When silence breeds discontent And critics ensnare your feet In a mire of minutiae Amplify your

When gossip makes A mischief of reality Stand your ground Command all energy Toward positivity and hope Never relent because Others seek to mold you In their stale likeness
Just another sheep
Amid the blinded herd
Who take with greedy and selfish hands
Entitled to grab
That which is not earned
Never succumb to quietude When you are gifted A Voice
Speak it
Bold, clear, and proud
It’s your obligation To subjugate negation And contort vexation Into your own narration Toward personal salvation
Your thoughts
Your creation Only your fingers
Inscribe the translation
To conscious transformation
Spiritual revelation
In the realization of TruthNever submit to false authority
Who propagate
Lies, malice, and fear
It does not justify
A means to an end
Riddled with division and hate
Hold your head high And look to the sky
Where Faith Shines
Warm, Free, and Kind

We come together
We break apart
It’s your choice
To Open
The Selfless Soul
The Benevolent Heart

Always remember
We receive exactly what we give
Nothing more
Nothing less
Karma at its
Absolute best

Ask yourself
What have you given…
What is it worth…
In this world of worlds
We live

Posted by Theodosia

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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