1/1/2022 Summary Of Mr. Miles Guo Live Broadcasting

1. After listening to the report on “Music against Britain and America in Hitler’s period “, Xi Jinping stood up in awe and asked for advice in person.

2. The fellow fighters simply asked if Song Zuying had participated in the group licentiousness. If she does not participate in the group licentiousness she is not a weed, and if she is not a weed she cannot live in the weeds.

3. Japan will be the second largest market for Himalaya Coin payments after the US in the future.

4. The traumas caused by communism is what makes you ignorant, selfish, and cowardly until you become an animal. In the end, it becomes one family to rule the world and realizes dictatorship.

5. The fellow fighters in China: Keep in touch with Farms, stay away from cities and understand Declaration of the New Federal State of China.

6. Mr. Miles Guo ‘s summary for 2021: A year of sorrow, hope and harvest

7. The Biden Administration will have a lot of collusion with the CCP, but they will resolutely take down the CCP in the end.

8. The media actually did not report the interview with Qin Gang, which is the first time the CCP has been silenced.

9. GETTR has 35 million downloads, but 20 million data have been hacked.

10.Himalaya Exchange is one of the top five exchanges in the world.

11. 2022 will be a disastrous year for the CCP. Politics of China will be full of bloodshed and slaughter during the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. 

12. Why do overseas Chinese look down on the Chinese? It is because of the bad domestic environment.

13. Tolerance. We are human, not God. Things don’t always work out as you think. People are flawed. Your practice determines your future.

14. The CCP frittered away $1.3 trillion.

15. The biggest devil in the heart is to divide high and low, and to measure others with own ruler.

16. But in fact, China lacks blue, which means oceans and restricts the CCP. Gold means our financial system, which is the winner in the five elements.

17. When the foundation stone of Pangu Plaza was laid, the earth was taken from all over the world by people with special date and hour of birth.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: π&π
Proofreading: Tracy

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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