New Yorkers to Receive $100 For Getting CCP Virus Vaccine Boosters

Translated by: MOS Health Team—Baoliaofen

New York City Mayor Michael White announced just before Christmas that New York residents who have their third shot by the end of the year at the city government vaccination site will receive one hundred dollars. As Christmas passed and the end of the year deadline approached, beelines occurred at all major government vaccination sites in New York.

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When our reporter Wen Yang arrived at the government mobile vaccination site in Flushing, he saw a queue with more than 300 meters and longer than a whole street, with more than 300 people of all ethnicities in the line. The reporter randomly interviewed a number of people in line, all of whom said they had been waiting for hours to get the third shot. They also said that if it is not because of the $100 given by the mayor for getting the booster by the end of the year, who would be happy to queue up for several hours during a cold and windy weather.

Mr. Guo Wengui and the New Federal State of China have repeatedly warned the world that we are against fake vaccines, that the vaccine mandatory will end soon, and not to let fake vaccines hurt you and your family. There are also warnings from frontline doctors and medical experts around the world mention that the mRNA vaccine contains spike proteins which are harmful to humans. According to a court document released on November 15, the FDA plans to release all CCP virus vaccine datas in 2076, sufficiently proving that the vaccines available today are fake vaccines that intend to kill people for money.

Some netizens left a comment under the news that these people who go for the third injection in order to get a hundred dollars can be compared to the bag of silver coins in the hands of Judas. However, I think that people who go for the third injection for a hundred dollars are worse than Judas. Because, Judas sold out Jesus and they sold out their own health and future.


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