Political Turmoil and Murder May Become the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Translated by:  MOS Finance Team – Linda Progress

On December 19, Mr. Guo Wengui revealed in his latest live broadcast that there is a high probability the CCP military will create political turmoil and even murder at the closing ceremony of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, making the city a very dangerous and risky environment.

Mr. Guo revealed that the occurrence of a terrorist attack can likely manifest from at least two aspects.  One is to detonate natural gas pipelines causing explosions.  The second component is a police riot.  Both of these scenarios carry a probability of more than 50%.  As well, the probability of the Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping (Sun) being poisoned during the Olympics exceeds 70%.  The Winter Olympics may become the dictator’s final nightmare.

Mr. Guo’s analyses conclude that these two crises are impossible for Xi Jinping to prevent.  Firstly, to completely avoid any possible occurrence of natural gas accidents, the whole city must be cut off, which is highly unlikely.  Secondly, with the exception of the Central Guard Corps, the Chinese Communist Party’s police system cannot be controlled by Xi.  It has always been the power of the Political and Legal Committee, which is not in Xi’s best political interest.  The Winter Olympics may be the best opportunity to use police riots to eradicate Xi Jinping.  Recently, the CCP’s Public Security, Procuratorate, Legal Affairs, and Political and Legal Affairs Commission personnel have frequently seen major movements and shuffling.  This is Xi Jinping preparing for his own self-protection during his presence at the Winter Olympics.

Mr. Guo concluded that the Winter Olympics will be extremely shocking within the Communist Party and to the whole world.  He also added that before May of next year, the world will be quite turbulent.

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