Jason Miller invites Twitter’s new CEO to join Gettr and experience free speech

Translated by: MOS Health – Wenfei

Gettr CEO Jason Miller posted in his official Gettr account on November 30, inviting the new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal to experience free speech on the Gettr platform. Jason Miller has prepared a Gettr username @paraga for the new Twitter CEO, the same as his Twitter account name.

In the statement, Jason Miller put: “Paragraph Agrawal had a busy first full day, issuing new rules that clamp down even further on Twitter users’ freedom of expression, and after all that work, he might have to censor himself if his opinions ran afoul of his own rules, and so we will welcome him to GETTR, where he can be himself.”

And he continued that Gettr users can “import their old tweets, write longer posts, and post longer videos – all without having to pay anything extra as Twitter Blue charges every month. At Gettr, we honor free speech for everybody, even those Big Tech Oligarchs who don’t allow it for their users.”


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