Miles Guo Speaks About Himalaya Coin

By MOS Information Team – 6zero4

In his live broadcast on December 29, 2021, Miles Guo said that cryptocurrencies have recently made great repercussions in the world, with the market value rising over 13 times from $200 billion last year to $2.67 trillion today. The price of Bitcoin has been on a roller-coaster ride, rising from its initial price of $0.0025 in late 2008 to over $800 for the first time 5 years ago, reaching an all-time high of nearly $68,000 this November early, and falling to $40,000+ now. About 90% of decentralized cryptocurrencies without their own payment platform like Bitcoin would be eliminated instantaneously in the future because their funding has not been going through legal KYC proactively. The money pouring into the cryptocurrency market involves dirty criminal actions and is often a tool for criminals and terrorists to launder money.

For the mainstream fiat currency in the global financial market, its circulation had previously increased from $100 billion to $4 trillion within 20+ months, and $260 trillion of fiat money has been printed worldwide in the last 2 years alone. In the past, such vast amounts of excess fiat money usually were either restructured through war or left to rot in the financial system and disappear into economic activities.

We are facing the greatest era of the digital currency revolution. The most robust financial force in the future will surely be the digital cryptocurrency because nothing can prevent it from becoming a global hedge pool to bypass financial disasters, virus/vaccine disasters, political/economic disasters. It is becoming a reservoir against inflation caused by the over-issuance of legal currency. HCN with centralized responsibility, decentralized encryption technology, will surely become the pioneer and game rule-maker of digital cryptocurrencies. HCN has funding 100% passed KYC, is able to support block trade, and has its own payment system and the nature of the national sovereign currency, with a stable price.

On the afternoon of December 28, 2021, a man who is richer than a king with huge influence in the world, and the head of a world-class organization immediately negotiated cooperation matters with Miles after he spent 11 hours watching Miles’ live broadcast videos. Each of the programs this man proposed to Miles was all stunned news, which Miles once considered it would take at least 3 years to happen, but these programs are going to happen very soon, as a series of announcements in the coming future will prove it and shock the world. This man is not optimistic about HCN within 5 years, but he thinks it will uniquely stand out after 5 years. Many world-class capital players are so optimistic about our HCN, how can we NFSC people be short-sighted to seek quick success and instant benefits?

sources: Miles Guo Speaks About Himalaya Coin

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