Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on December 29, 2021

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In Miles Guo’s live broadcast on December 29, 2021, Mr. Guo talks about Qin Gang’s “evil warrior” diplomacy, the collusion behind the Winter Olympics, the arrest of Liu Yazhou, the implications of the U.S. Defense Bill, Pangu and Yuda, the future of digital currency, the vaccine disaster in Xi’an, and the magic artemisinin. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

Qin Gang’s War Devil diplomacy is tantamount to declaring war with the United States.

Qin Gang can speak to Xi directly. The CCP’s national security meeting discussed why the U.S. did not receive Qin Gang according to the state diplomatic protocol.

For the first time, the United States told the CCP, “What Ambassador Qin Gang said was very problematic. If he goes on like this, there is no possibility of improving relations between China and the United States.”

One of them asked Qing Gang about shifting to the “sheep warrior” from the “wolf warrior” diplomacy. Qin Gang just said, “We are not practicing wolf warrior diplomacy. We are dancing with the wolf.” Wow, that means the United States is a wolf, and the CCP will fight the wolf to the end.

When asked about the Taiwan issue, Qin Gang said, “America, look at your face in the mirror. The Taiwan issue is about the Americans using Taiwan’s independence activists to provoke the so-called Taiwan issue. The root of the Taiwan problem is in the United States. A small number of American politicians brokered weapons deals for the defense companies and colluded with Taiwan separatists financially and politically, which ignited the Taiwan Strait conflict. China, especially the CCP and the people of the mainland, are the victims.”

In replying to the Xinjiang issue, Qin Gang said, “China’s Xinjiang problem is similar to the U.S. treatment of the Chinese and black people. The Xinjiang people committed genocide on the Han Chinese, not the other way round. How well do we treat Xinjiang people now? We treat everyone like brothers.”

The “sheep warrior” diplomacy is no longer a sheep but the “evil warrior.” More aggressively, Qin Gang warned that if the U.S. allows far-right organizations, such as Bannon and a small group of Chinese “criminals,” that is our New Federal State of China (NFSC), to pose an utterly non-negligible danger, there is bound to be a war between the United States and China in such a political climate.”

Qin Gang completely broke the diplomatic protocol. It is a declaration of war.

Putin will not attend the Winter Olympics because he is sick.

Comrade Putin received the money from the CCP and publicly announced that he would attend the Beijing Winter Olympics. Putin privately promised Xi that he would get a few buddies to go, about four countries. Three of those four countries have officially declined the invitation. Now it is said that Putin’s attendance is also uncertain. Putin said he didn’t feel too well recently. He said he might take a vacation in Sochi. This is too big a blow to Xi.

Li Xiannian’s son-in-law Liu Yazhou and hundreds of others were arrested. Wang Qishan and Zeng Qinghong pleaded for mercy on behalf of Liu Yazhou.

The impact of Liu Yazhou’s arrest continues to ripple through. Nearly 400 of Liu Yazhou’s old subordinates in the air force were arrested. His brothers and sisters, about four dozen people, were detained. The critical question is who Liu Yazhou met before the arrest. He contacted 100 people, including Zeng Qinghong and Wang Qishan.

Liu Yazhou said the Chinese have three major evils. First, the Chinese eat anything in the world except submarines and airplanes. This eating habit destroys nature. Second, China has a bunch of stupid people and thugs as officials. The worst and dumbest people have always ruled the Chinese. Third, he thinks that the Chinese nation has no faith to an incomprehensible degree and believes that the Chinese people are simply destroying civilization.

Who spoke up for Liu Yazhou? He is Li Xiannian’s son-in-law. Zeng Qinghong and Wang Qishan had to speak for him. After Mao, there was a rule of not arresting the old Standing Committee, the founders of the CCP. Xi’s office immediately replied, “Liu Yazhou is a son-in-law while the rules are applied to the immediate family. Comrade Wang Qishan, you are a person who gets special treatment.”

The CCP buys planes and forgives loans for other countries’ support for the Winter Olympics.

Germany’s new chancellor is a master of playing the three sides of the fence. He just got tough with the CCP and immediately had his office call the CCP and say it was a drill. The essence of Macron’s support for the Winter Olympics is that the CCP holds the Achilles’ heels of France and Germany. When Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao visited Europe, they placed orders with Airbus; in the United States, they visited Seattle, Boeing’s headquarters. The CCP uses Boeing and Airbus to play a balance of power between Europe and the United States. The CCP told these countries, “If you dare to boycott, we will cancel the 400 Airbus orders. If you dare to resist, 40% of French wine and 50% of German cars sold to China will lose their market.” Politicians could be forced to step down as a result. Politicians do not have the word “justice” in their dictionaries. Staying in power is their first priority. Why does Britain boycott the Olympics? Britain especially wanted to collude with the CCP, but it failed to make a deal. 

Europe is in Russia’s core interest. The only leverage China has over Europe is the market. But Russia supplies gas and oil to Europe; 85% of the high-end food in Russia comes from Europe. How terrible would Europe be without Russia, and Russia without Europe!

In the end, the CCP ordered 126 Airbus planes and won Germany and France’s support of the Olympics. Each plane can cost $70 million to $100 million. Even a tiny African country got $1.8 billion in debt forgiven and another $200 million in cash by sending a dozen athletes.

A few days ago, I asked people in the E.U., “Are you comfortable taking so much money from the CCP?” They said, “Do you know how much money has been donated overseas during Xi’s regime? Officially, 6 trillion yuan, with 2 trillion on the way.” In fact, it is 12 trillion yuan or 1.5 trillion dollars, the entire GDP of Guangdong for one year.

African students who came to Shandong each had two or three female Chinese students sent by university to accompany them. Several principals in Tanzania are my friends. He said, “This year, Tanzania’s best success is to send students to China, 400 male students, and one female student.” There was no such practice of sending female students to sleep with foreigners in China’s history. I don’t understand it. No country in history did so. 

Xi’an was locked down, and more than 3,000 people died. China has sold more urns and wreaths in the last year than in the past 21 years combined.

At four o’clock in the morning Beijing time, the Central Committee of the CCP received a letter from Xi’an, which says accidents such as jumping from buildings, suicide, lack of treatment for heart disease in seniors, and climbing over the wall to get food, has reached 700, and there have been more than 3,000 deaths. China has sold more urns and wreaths in the last year than in the past 21 years combined.

The story of Chinese couples in their 60s giving birth is fake.

A Japanese buddy said the story of a Chinese couple in their 60s having a baby was 100% fake and not scientific. I asked Li Keqiang’s secretary, who said it was made up. The woman’s actual age is 15 years younger, and the man had no sexual ability at all. The child was born with a disability. This is the same as a pig giving birth to a hundred litters and farmers producing ten thousand pounds of grain per mu during the Cultural Revolution.

China has to go through three hundred years of darkness so that the emperor Xi can enjoy himself for three minutes.

After hearing the absurdity, I (Miles Guo) bit my mouth several times in anger. The CCP fooled the Chinese to such an extent. The CCP squandered a trillion dollars to host the Winter Olympics, dedicating the entire nation’s resources to please Xi. China has to go through three hundred years of darkness so that the emperor can enjoy himself for three minutes.

Animals have spirits. All things have feelings.

Liu Yazhou often criticizes the Chinese for eating animals, for example, cracking open the skull of monkeys and eating their brains alive. I (Miles Guo) think that all kinds of animals are smarter than us in the spiritual world. Where does the spirit come from? It comes from the heavens, something God puts in you. When the spirit is combined with the physical body, there is the soul. All animals have spirits. All things have feelings. On June 4 last year, the NFSC manifesto was read by Hao Haidong that stated the need to protect animals. Someone asked me if it was not his idea. I asked rhetorically, “Why shouldn’t it be his idea?”

Evergrande will not last forever.

Xu Jiayin’s partners begged me not to talk about Xu Jiayin anymore. They want to continue to make Evergrande stronger and bigger. I (Miles Guo) said, “Evergrande is very big but not forever. You continue inflate the Ponzi scheme. How can you maintain a bubble that is 700,000 times the real value? You are playing with the Chinese people.” This kind of sinister thing can only happen in Communist China. First, the developers and banks continue to create fake financial notes; second, the housing authorities prohibit publishing the lowest price of the daily transactions throughout the country; third, bankruptcy is banned.

Correction Regarding the Suicide at the China Merchants Bank

A few days ago, we mentioned that Zhao Qizhu jumped from the building of China Merchants Bank, which is incorrect. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to his family for what we said. I hope Mr. Zhao Qizhu rest in peace. Tian Huiyu, Fu Gangfeng, and Miao Jianmin are terrible people.

Is there a connection between the U.S. Defense Bill and the Whistleblowers Movement?

The House and the Senate this are definitely controlled by the Democrats. The Democrats are close to the CCP. This bill is a thermometer for U.S.-China relations and reflects American interest.

When the United States decided to take out the Soviet Union, it suppressed the Soviet Union economically. 50 or 60 years later, Russia still cannot deliver gas to Germany to this day. The Soviet Union and Europe could not conduct excessive trade in the pound and the Swiss dollar. The Soviet Union was the boiling frog in warm water, besieged and brewing civil unrest. Yeltsin went to China and said that the Americans were 100 percent united in their core interests. Biden knows very well that he can not block the bill. 

There are three key points in the bill: First, secret military forces. The word “secret” is important. At that time, the U.S. had an economic blockade on the Soviet Union and knew all the major secret transactions with the United States. Second, all the engineers left the former Soviet Union. This is called the secret plan. In the last twenty years, the U.S. did not use the word secret on the CCP until this bill.

This bill suggests that the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia’s hawkish stance on the CCP will not change. God gave us the opportunity. The people behind this bill are our supporters. 

Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi want to finish the United States and take back Taiwan.

I (Miles Guo) heard that at a meeting at the CCP Party School, Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi said that no matter what the CCP does, the United States will find a way to fight the CCP to the end. Wang Yi said, “We can definitely win the battle of the century between China and the United States. How to win it? We should take advantage of the virus. We will continue to release viruses. Biden will give up on the origin of the virus. In the long run, the U.S. federal system will be tested tremendously.”

Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi said in unison that it was time for the CCP to take back Taiwan. Back then, Liu Yazhou said that if Japan and the CCP went to war, the East China Sea and South China Sea fleets could be defeated in four hours. Recently, he said that the Chinese navy would not last more than 10 minutes if war broke out. But in this speech, Yang Jiechi said, “Japan does not dare to move because of the fear of nuclear power. The United States and Japan do not dare to get involved in the Taiwan and South China Sea issues.”

The campaign to expose HBO VICE’s distorted interview should last at least six weeks.

We want to separate the CCP from the Chinese and overthrow the CCP system. We are just against a hundred families of the CCP. 90% of the CCP members are good people.

Isobel Yeung’s agenda is sinister by labeling us as a cult and a threat to Western democracy, which is a serious accusation. It’s not good that we don’t fight back forcefully. Let’s keep the campaign going for at least six weeks. Mental impotence will lead to impotence in action.

Xi has not kept his promises to Liu Yazhou and Liu Yuan.

The CCP will desert someone without ever asking what the person has done for them. In the past, Liu Yazhou had to butter up Xi to get a position. Liu Yazhou was likely to be promoted to Minister of National Defense or even put in charge of the General Logistics Department and into the National Security Commission. Like Liu Yuan, Xi didn’t keep the promise to Liu Yazhou.

No one in the CCP believes they can defeat the U.S.

The perception of the Biden bill within the CCP and Xi is dead sober. The belief is that this time, the United States crying wolf is real and poised to fight the CCP. No one in the CCP believes they can defeat the U.S., but they have to give it a try. Kang Sheng said back then, “You win by speaking the opposite of what’s on your mind.”

Chen Quanguo was promoted.

I know Chen Quanguo too well. He is from Henan. He sends bags and bags of cordyceps to Zhongnanhai. Back then, each cordyceps given to me had a number. One stick was worth $150. Chen Quanguo will first take over Hu Chunhua’s position. He was not demoted but promoted. Chen Quanguo ships 30 trucks of emerald and jade to Beijing every year. According to our brother in arms, a special agent in Xinjiang, Cheng Quanguo will take major assignments and join the core leadership; the Political and Legal Committee, the Central Office, and the National Security Committee will go through significant changes.

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is inhumane but strategically necessary.

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is morally wrong, but it’s in America’s interest. The U.S. will be deeply mired in Afghanistan if it doesn’t leave. The U.S. will concentrate its efforts to confront the CCP and Iran. All of us should feel shameful and sad for what is happening in China today. The CCP has been evil for many years, and the Chinese continue to let it be. Afghanistan is the same. Why should the U.S. keep saving it? Where are the Afghan’s own actions?

The Japanese media reported Pangu’s dragon head was converted into a bird head.

When the Japanese media reported the transformation of Pangu’s dragon head into a bird head, the CCP’s Foreign Ministry immediately summoned the Japanese demanding to remove video, considering it a major political incident between China and Japan.

The media only say good things about a person in two situations. First, when the person dies. Second, they will give you a little praise while reporting bad things about you. As long as the media spreads the word about us, that’s good enough.

Miles Guo will speak up when Pangu turns into a burning dragon.

Why did I turn down all ten media interview requests? Just one answer, not the right moment. When Pangu becomes a “burning dragon,” I will speak up. By then, it will become the most sensational news globally. Is there a mysterious third-party force? Are there aliens or not? Miles Guo is waiting for the best time to strike.

Pangu and Yuda would be the two antennas that link the aliens and the Earth.

Yuda is the cradle of Pangu culture, and many employees of Yuda worked there for more than thirty years. Li You used BGY (Blue-Internet, Gold-money, Yellow-sex) to compromise my old employees; five of them defected. Traitors will be held accountable in the future. Once Yuda and Pangu are burnt, they will certainly be rebuilt and returned to the NFSC. By then, Pangu and Yuda will become the two antennas that link the aliens and the Earth.

The number one financial force of the future must be the digital currency.

Trump created the Trump Coin, and Bannon invested the FJB coin. A month or two ago, Bannon said he wanted to start his coin and work with us. I said I would never get involved. Three weeks ago the coin was released, and Bannon asked if it could be traded on the Himalaya Exchange. I am firmly against it, and the Whistleblowers Movement should not be involved. 

The total global digital currency market capitalization is $2.67 trillion. In the past year or two, $226 trillion fiat money worldwide was printed; the actual number was $260 trillion. The number one financial force of the future must be the digital currency. Who can stop the digital currency from becoming a reservoir and a hedge for the world to escape financial, vaccine, political, and economic disasters? Nobody can.

Some people say they will buy Himalaya Coins on New Year’s Day. I am convinced the coins will be sold off on New Year’s Day. Yesterday at a meeting with an institutional investor in Europe, he asked about cooperation with us. He expected Himalaya Coin to do very well in five years. This man is as wealthy as some countries and has significant influence around the world.

Miles Guo’s three predictions.

Himalaya Coin will set the industry standard and become a digital money pioneer. Biden may become the greatest hero of exterminating the CCP. The CCP’s demise is a certainty.

Xi’an’s Covid-19 outbreak is a result of the adverse effect of the vaccine. The next outbreak could happen in Hebei and Guangzhou.

Xi’an’s Covid-19 outbreak is a result of the vaccine’s side effects. It is said that Xi’an administered a particular Covid vaccine. The vaccines have 50 mg, 100 mg, and 250 mg dosages. Shaanxi province applied the 500 mg dosage, and two jabs in Xi’an are equivalent to 10 jabs in other places. Many Xi’an people bleed from their eyes, noses, ears, and mouths. The disaster in Xi’an is unimaginable. Next, outbreaks could erupt in Hebei, from Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Zhangjiakou to Chengde. Another outbreak could happen in Guangzhou and Wuhan.

Artemisinin can repair defects in genes.

Artemisinin is a miracle drug. The scientist says, “First, artemisinin can repair defects in genes. Second, artemisinin is the best natural remedy to almost 100% eliminate cancer cells. Especially, it has particularly miraculous effects on diabetes, stroke, and gynecological diseases. Artemisinin saves countless people every day.”

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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