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Subtitle: HBO VICE’s 115 – minute premeditated interview with Mr. Miles Guo was deceptively edited into a less than 3 – minute Lie. HBO VICE’s vicious intention to slander and discredit Mr. Guo is clear. Here is the truth.


Isobel: I want to get into what you’re talking about. But let’s just start with who is Guo Wengui? You know, there’s a lot of polarizing, very confusing information. Some people believe that you’re the savior of the Chinese people. You’re fighting against the Chinese Communist Party. Some people believe that you are a spy for the Chinese Communist Party. Some people believe [Inaudible]

Miles Guo: That’s a good question. I think, four years ago was your first time interviewing me, right? Since 2017 until now, 2021, the world has totally changed. First, there are a lot of rumors in American global, Wall Street, Washington Post. Also yesterday, Washington Post had another report, Telling me A.I. in the West has rumors about me. That’s not strange because my enemy is the global evil Chinese Communist Party, the CCP. It is the number one black power in the world. They always use the same solution to destroy its enemy: Make a rumor so that nobody believes you. And freeze your assets, and rape your family, and kidnap your family and lock them in jail, same thing in Xingjiang where they threaten all the families. Also, they are spreading the rumor about me being a double spy. That’s very interesting. Do you understand, Isobel?

Even the kids know, if you do the spy job, the government must give you a confirmation. You know James Bond, 007? 001? Right? They must have the document. Even if I’m a “double” spy, the “double” includes China and America. I think they want to call. Even if I work in the Chinese Spy system, They can easily just show America, look at Miles Guo, this is the number.07 (the spy confirming document). They can show my document. And the American government can immediately arrest me. They don’t need to do anything else. Also, they say I am a double spy, Maybe I work for the American government. If they find any double spy evidence, and show to the social media, the newspaper that controls the media, that Miles Guo works for America. I’ll get killed, CCP can kill me everywhere. Easy!

Why neither the CCP government, nor the American government, no one can show me the evidence of me double-spying. That is too ridiculous. All the talk about Miles Guo being a double spy is from the Wall Street, and from the two liars who sued me. That’s an American disaster. Every justice in [inaudible] from the courts. From the American rule of law system, from the government. But in this country, every truth and justice is from the media, Social media, CNN, Fox, and your company. That’s a disaster; you are just the media. You have no power to make the judgment. Who is a double spy or not? That’s easy. That is why you asked too crazy a question, Because you believe this, maybe you think all people think

Please, could you show one small evidence? That Miles Guo is a double spy or not? Easy, if I am a spy, why did they arrest all my family? 18 people. They killed my mother. It made her angry so my mother passed away. (When you interviewed me) four years ago, in this building, the same room. My mother was still alive. After four years, my mother died. All my family and my brothers are in jail.

Why don’t you ask me: if I work for the CCP, why did they threaten my mother to die? Why did they kidnap my colleagues and my family? There’s a good reason. Easy! The answer? You don’t need to ask me. Any people who has common sense can know the answer. But this is too ridiculous. Everybody only believes the bad way. Nobody believes that the world has a hero with justice and courage. Nobody. That’s why media is now the global number two cancer.

Because you are the power that is bigger than the government, bigger than the courts, and bigger than justice. Even justice says Miles Guo, you are double spy. Yes, I have no choice. But the media makes a judgment: Miles Guo is a double spy. Behind you, follow the money. You work for the CCP. Sorry Isobel.

●550 Mr.Miles Guo live streaming review EST July 22.2019

Miles Guo: Out of all of the states in human history including the former Soviet Union, have you ever seen a country wend a spy and reveal that he’s a spy? Have you seen anything like that before? Have you ever seen a country that cannot provide documents for its own spy? Chinese Communist Party please don’t be naive. When you call “Guo Wengui” a spy please provide his spy agent number. Of course, the American CIA knows about the CCP’s espionage system,so does the FBI?

Please ask Deputy Minister Ma Jian to testify. Why didn’t he say that I was a spy? If Guo Wengui is a spy, Ma Jian would say this guy is oour guy, my spy.How come he called me “helper Guo Wengui”? Why don’t you let him tell you that Guo Wengui is a spy? I can tell everyone that I have had more than hundreds of meetings with the FBI and the CIA. If they know that I am a CCP spy would they still have these meetings with me? The U.S. Embassy…It’s an open secret that officers take Embassy cars to Pangu for dinner. If I were a spy, I would have already been arrested by the CCP.


Isobel: So, you see yourself as a hero for the Chinese People?

Miles Guo: No. I am not a hero. We are the New Federal State to build the new China future government system. I think we have a lot of heroes. Ye Zhaoying, you know the sports star. Also Hao Haidong. Also a lot of New Chinese follow me anti-CCP, they are whistleblowers, join the Whistleblower Movement. That’s a hero. But, nobody respects them. They just respect money and power.

That is why the globe has the coronavirus. Same with China, the CCP takes down the Jesus, take down the god, take down the buddha. Nobody can have the religion. They just want a new religion because of the CCP. You must know, your father and mother are not important, it’s Xi Jinping’s number one important, right? That is why China lose face, lose religion, lose human rights, then just follow power and money.

Now this very bad problem is coming to the western world, also, in America, same as all the media, just follow money and power, don’t follow justice, no religion, no face, no justice, no hero. Why all the global people love America, because America has the hero, has justice, has rule of law, has God, and has free religions. Now America just follow money, follow power. You fear CCP power.


Isobel: So, tell us about the New Federal State of China, which is your organization, or your government in-exile that you set up in partnership with Steven Bannon.

Miles Guo: No, this is the way we are together in the fight, the anti-CCP regime with Bannon. Just that part. He really knows China and Asia and Communist party and communism. This part, I hundred percent respect him.

Gentleman. I really appreciate him help Chinese talk about the CCP and Communist Party, how evil, how deep influence to America and the western world. I really appreciate him. I respect him just that part. Not anything else, I don’t cooperate together.

That is why I am with my hundred million followers, we want to build a new federal state, prepare after take down the CCP. Can help China build peaceful relationship with the western world, and give China free religion, and give China really independent rule of the law, give China really, really good education system, that is called New Federal State.

What we don’t want now is the genocide in Xinjiang, genocide in Tibet, genocide in Hong Kong to continue. That’s the New Federal State. Thank you!

Isobel: Can you just repeat that last sentence in Chinese, just what the New Federal State is?

Miles Guo: The New Federal State of China is what we want to build, to allow the Chinese people to live peacefully with the world in the future, and be protected by a constitution and the rule of law, with freedom of religion, and protected so that one like the current Communist Party can never dominate again; a legitimate government where the Chinese people can have one person, one vote. This is the goal that we are pursuing!

Isobel: And how many members do you have?

Miles Guo: I think more than 500 million.

Isobel: More than 500 million members?

Miles Guo: Yes, I think you can check how many people in China know Miles Guo and know the New Federal State.

You can google, and one year ago, on June 4th, is citing the New Federal State, 1.8 billion people follow and watch this event, right? You can google, I cannot tell a lie. Maybe you will, with this, distract me again, Hah!


IsobelSo I mean since you got to the US, you start a lot of different things. You have the New Federal Sate of China and you have G-coin, G-dollar, G-news, G-TV, G-fashion. Tell us about some of these, tell us what they ought to do.

Miles Guo: I could never have done this by myself. This is impossible to have it happen just by myself. I’m just the one who created it, and also the founder, consultant and founder. Because I have no money, even $1, no credit card, no bank account. The CCP has controlled world’s any financial system. Miles Guo cannot legally have any dollar, any bank account, any credit card. So, I can only work with my followers, my family, and the friends we used to work with. We created this platform.

You know, Guo Media is gone, right? We have a lot of new company platforms. I have the followers, I have people who trust me, follow me, invest in these platforms. I don’t own any of these. But G-fashion, G-Club, G-TV and GETTR are successful, as well as G-Coin, G-dollar. None of these are owned by me. I just give suggestions. They help with Whistleblower Movement and justice.

IsobelIt is a lot apparently, aren’t they?

Miles Guo: It is very successful. That is why we have many supporters in China, right? Every day they are arresting people (the supporters). We have a lot of supporters in China and they have arrested many of them. They arrest people every day, including those who have donated to the Rule of Law Foundation. This shows that they are terrified. If they are not afraid, they wouldn’t come after us, right?

The people sent by the CCP to negotiate with me said that over 400 million people in China support me to take down the CCP. Now the CCP insiders told me that over 500 million, or more, people know about the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. Many people did not believe that we can take down the CCP, but now more people believe that we are most likely to take down the CCP. This is at least a hope for the Chinese. They had no hope before. While Chinese people want democracy, freedom of religion, and rule of law. They want to have a democratic and free society, like the U.S. This is what most people want to have. But they have been brainwashed by the Communist Party for many years.

I believe that the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement give them a hope and a place to know the truth about the West. It takes a lot of effort to achieve this. It’s like…I answer questions from my friends and supporters in China every day.

They said that the coronavirus is made by the United States. They said that half of the Americans have died, which is impossible. They said that dead Americans are floating in the ocean and the Americans have created the coronavirus, which is unrealistic. Then we have to let the Chinese people know the truth.

The CCP controlled China and the world by brainwashing. That’s why they built a firewall. A country that does not lie does not need to build a firewall The sad thing is that the technology used to build this firewall came from the U.S. It was American money from Wall Street and American technology from Silicon Valley that helped the CCP build a firewall for 1.4 billion Chinese people to prevent them from knowing the truth and continue being brainwashed. This has led most Chinese to believe that the virus was engineered by the U.S.,the Hong Kong Movement was manipulated by the Americans. Isn’t this absurd?

This is because of these terrible media companies, betraying your conscience, including you, the HBO Voice. You never tell the truth, because you are afraid of the CCP, because you need money. You betrayed your conscience for money, so you will continue smearing me after the interview.


IsobelTell us about GTV Media Group and GNEWS. What’s the goal of them?

Miles Guo: GTV and GNEWS are platforms with a very simple objective. It is a platform to let the world know the truth behind the corrupted CCP. This is a platform that belongs to the public, not any one individual. Isobel, please ask yourself this: HBO and VICE could do a much better job than us, but you’re not doing it. As a private company, it is understandable that you would be reluctant since you need to survive.

But not a single social media in the world has seriously covered how many people have been killed in Hong Kong. The number of Hong Kongers who were drowned in the last 70 years was about 20,000 in total. And in just 2018 and 2019 alone, Hong Kong started to stand up against the CCP, the so-called “Anti-extradition Law”. In Hong Kong, more than 10,000 have died during those 300 days. Do you not call this breaking news? Why aren’t you reporting on this abnormality?

Why is no one giving a voice to the many young lives who were disappeared? Did you know that in Xinjiang, there are currently 2 million people being held in the CCP concentration camps? I was the first to bring this to the world’s attention. In response, the media slandered me, calling me a liar and a conman. Now. you have finally come around to the truth. We, the GTV and GNEWS members, were the first ones to share the information and videos exposing the Xinjiang concentration camps; we staked our lives and reputation to get this information out as quicky as possible.

In a live broadcast, we are also the first ones in December 2019 to let the world know about real dangers of the virus, that it would become a pandemic, not just a common flu. On January 16, 2020, we made it clear that the virus was not from the seafood market, that the virus is capable of human-to-human transmission, and that it was already out of control. In January, Xi Jinping was still repeating that the virus was from the seafood market and that there was no human-to-human transmission. After our broadcast in January, Peter Navarro informed President Trump about the spread of the virus, which led to President Trump issuing executive orders to restrict flights from China at the beginning of the pandemic to significantly reduce the spread of the virus.

All of these facts were first reported by the GTV and GNEWS. All of our news is broadcasted live, unlike your pre-recorded news which can be cropped and edited into lies. Just like your interview with me 4 years ago, you made it into a sham. We only ask that you broadcast live, that you help take down the CCP. We are not asking for money; we are not a for-profit media organization.

We are a news outlet for the purpose of telling the truth and building a bridge between the Chinese and the West. You are free to investigate what we have reported on; our purpose is simply to get this information out there so that there can be meaningful discourse on a one-sided topic. We also translate verified news sources from the West and transmit the information using authentic subtitles to keep the Chinese people and Asian people informed on what is happening in the U.S. and in the West.

Through this, many Chinese people have come to know that the virus was not made in the U.S., and that the U.S. is also investigating the truth behind the virus. We, GTV and GNEWS, have also informed the U.S. on what is happening on the ground in Wuhan through the actual number of cremations being done.

In fact, I was the first to report on the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Wuhan between January 20 to January 27. By the beginning of February, I broadcasted to Americans that the total deaths in Wuhan had exceeded 1 million because the urns used by the crematoriums had run out, and there was no one left in the streets of Wuhan. And I was the first to let the U.S. know that they will have no way to buy masks or PPE since the CCP had already bought out the entire global supply during the months of October to December 2019, according to my sources. These are all facts that have happened.

So, what is GTV and GNEWS? The purpose of GTV and GNEWS is extremely important during a time when the mainstream media has been corrupted and controlled by money. I believe that, one day, everyone will appreciate GTV and GNEWS that, through blood, sweat, and tears, gave the world the truth behind the Xinjiang genocide, the Hong Kong massacre, the Tibetan slaughter, and the biochemical warfare brought by the rogue regime, the CCP. One day, you will understand the sacrifices that our people have made in order to tell the world the truth. They have been imprisoned, they have lost their family, their freedom, and their lives for this. This tragedy was brought on by western media.

There has never been a platform like GTV and GNEWS that can tell people about the threat of the virus and the CCP. This is what GTV and GNEWS is for, it does not belong to any single individual, it belongs to justice and each and every fellow fighter of the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement; these are the unsung heroes.

Isobel, it’s a great pity that media workers like you will not help us to spread the truth. You dare not because you lack the courage to do so.



Isobel You say GTV and GNEWS are spreading the truth about what’s going on with the CCP and what is going on as well. What is your role in GTV and GNEWS?

Miles Guo: I am the conceptual creator of GTV and GNEWS, and I was also the first host on the GTV. I am leading all the people from the New Federal State of China to take down the CCP. I also advocate for the greatness of the USA because the world will be at peace so long as America remains great. The people from the Whistleblower Movement who support me to destroy the CCP also support “making America great”, and not “making the CCP great.”

We hope to promote America’s freedom of religions and a rule of law society, the main foundations of Western civilization. Only if this continues, we can keep world peace. To these followers, my role is a host, a person who brings out ideas and gives them advice as a consultant. That’s what my role is. I think we are doing a very, very good job. As history will prove, you will never be able to do that.

​​Isobel How big is that? How many people watch it?

Miles Guo: We now have about 5 million IPs in the West at various time peaks, that means 5 million viewers, and over 7 million viewers at some peak times. In fact, that’s not the real number. GTV has a large audience in China. We know this because they need VPNs to access the internet. We have a lot of fellow fighters in China, who are working in the firewall control departments. I was told that at peak times, we probably had 400 to 500 million people in China watching our GTV, since each VPN can be shared by 10,000 to 100,000 people, or even a million people. So far, the largest number of VPNs we have had from China was 1.6 million. 1.6 million VPNs multiplied 100 times would mean over a billion viewers. 

Currently, there are 5 million to 8 million VPNs in the United States that  access  GTV and GNEWS. These are all available data, and you can check them out.

Isobel:You have that many audience members in the U.S.?

Miles Guo: Only those VPNs in the US and Europe are identifiable. So most coming from China are not identifiable, besides one or two. If you add the real data from China, I believe every time we broadcast, we have millions or up to 500 million, or hundreds of millions of viewers in China. That’s for sure. Otherwise, the CCP wouldn’t have spent so much money trying to destroy GTV and GNEWS. That’s what you HBO VICE will never be able to achieve, because you are a commercial media.


Isobel: In your livestreams, you created and promoted a number of completely unproven stories. For example, COVID-19 being deliberately created in the Chinese lab, the vaccines being a ploy by the Chinese government to poison the world, the Chinese government’s plan to exterminate the white population, and the US election being rigged. Why is it that you are spreading these false stories?

Miles GuoI particularly hope this is a rumor. I really hope that this is not true. I hope that all these prove that Miles Guo is a liar and a rumor monger. For me, that is the best encouragement which means disasters will not happen. I hope that all these things that I said become rumors, that would be the best. But unfortunately, it is just like when you interviewed me four years ago. Everything I said, which you thought were rumors, all happened and much more serious than you thought.

I want to clarify with you one by one. Please watch the Indian movie “The White Tiger”. In this Indian movie “The White Tiger”, the main actor wanted Wen Jiabao to come to India and he yelled “white people are doomed, white people are doomed”. I hope that people with a little conscience could go in detail and study the CCP. To find out since when, which year under what circumstances the CCP start to claim that global disasters come from the U.S. and the UK and that was the white people who created global disasters.

Just last night, someone from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told me, “Miles, stop worshiping the white people. The conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews was created by the British, and the separation between Pakistan and India was created by the British. The problems of Iran and Iraq in the Middle East were made by the white Americans. In the world, the white people only account for a small percentage now. All human problems are created by the white people. It is the white people who support Israel to kill Palestinians around the world.”

I hope all the things I said just like those described in the Indian movie “The White Tiger”. I hope that all I have heard in China in the past…I have met Xi Jinping many times in person. I have had face-to-face exchanges with Li Keqiang, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, and other Chinese leaders many times and drank with them, as well as China’s military intelligence department.

My 7-star Pangu Plaza has hosted almost all Chinese executives, and they all had drinks with me. They showed me their hatred toward the white people, their ambition to dominate the world, and their influence in Western religions and in power, military, intelligence, and media of the entire world.

I have spent 30 years dealing with the CCP to find out all these plans. These are all first-hand knowledge. It’s just like what I said 4 years ago that Jack Ma would be kicked out. I said that Terry Guo would definitely run for Taiwan’s presidency. I said that Wang Qishan must have been the owner of the HNA. Just like I have said that Donald Trump would run for the U.S. presidency and he would win the election. And later in 2020, his presidency would surely be impacted by the CCP.

I did not say these yesterday, nor did I say it last year. I said these four years ago. Just like four years ago, I told Americans and the Westerners that the U.S. and the West must be prepared because the darkness is coming,but nobody believed me.

I hope you don’t believe me. I hope you can prove that what I say is a lie and a rumor. I really hope you can prove that I am that kind of person. If that was the case, I would be particularly happy. That means there will be fewer deaths in the world. I hope you can prove that the CCP is your good friend, your brother, and your good partner. That would be wonderful. because then the global death toll would be reduced and no war is needed.

If you ask yourself why you wear a mask…if you believed me four years ago, you wouldn’t need to wear a mask sitting here today. Your family wouldn’t need to face the death.

Nearly half a million people died in the U.S. alone, and the dead in India were found all over the streets. In the U.S., death tolls caused by the virus have exceeded those of combining World War II and World War I, including 9/11.Americans dare not ask about the truth. Isn’t it pathetic? Why don’t you, HBO, ask the CCP where the virus comes from? This is because you are afraid of CCP‘s influence, you are afraid of losing money, and you are afraid of losing your life.

I hope to prove everything I said is all fake, in particular, CCP’s “annihilation of the white people” plan, “3F (Foment weakness, foment chaos and foment the destruction of America)” plan, and “BGY(Blackmail-Bribery-Honey traps)” plan. Then you wouldn’t have seen that when President Trump ran in the election, all Twitter, Facebook, and you, HBO, have been silenced.

You dare not ask where the Dominion comes from. Do you know where the Dominion system comes from? In China, my family is the second largest shareholder of the Peking University Founder Group, which represents Beijing’s highest technology and is the pioneer center of Chinese source code. Wang Xuan is one of the founders of the Peking University Founder Group. The Dominion system was initially developed by the Peking University Founder Group.

●29:11 previous video of Miles Guo:They also know that the US has obtained evidence of their fraudulence and software manipulation. In fact, the origin of that software is from Founder Group of Peking University of which I am the 2nd largest shareholder. Yesterday, Xi Jinping held an internal meeting in China, in which he reiterated that this is the Endgame between the US and China. So they want to ensure Biden win the election at all costs. They want to have Trump disappeared at all costs.

29:39 Back to interview

Miles GuoI am eligible to talk about this because I was one of the parties involved. What I say so far are either my personal experience or from China’s highest levels, including its military and security services. For the past 30 years in China, after I was arrested on June 4th in 1989, I only have one dream that is to take down the CCP. All I did is to understand what the CCP wants to do. Sadly, you take what I said as a rumor.

I hope you will continue to take what I said as a rumor, and I hope you can prove that what I said is a rumor. I hope the Western world can prove that I am a rumor monger, so that you can be safer.

If you can prevent the U.S. from being ruled by the Communist Party and if you can prove what Miles Guo said about the Xinjiang Massacre about what happened in Hong Kong and Taiwan and about the coronavirus are all fake, I would be very grateful. This then means that there would be less casualties in the world, less injuries in Xinjiang, less rapes in Xinjiang, and less children being killed in Hong Kong. But how do you live with yourself?

Since last time your interview with me and today’s interview, except continuing to defame me, have you found any proof to support that you are right at all?You, the media, are always following the money and ignoring your conscience.This is what the media people do.


IsobelIn the video in April you said the CCP released COVID-19, they opened up Pandora’s box to eradicate the white people with the virus and finish them all with the vaccines. You’re saying you’re getting all your information directly from senior members of the CCP and you genuinely believe everything, because for me this does sound quite insane.

Miles Guo: If you go check it out, since 2017, I have been on social media, including Twitter and YouTube, which are all live broadcasts. I’ve never used recording, like what you’ve been doing that you can edit the content. At that time, I’ve said that the Communist Party has prepared a Pandora’s Box for the West and the Pandora’s Box would be opened. I’ve also prepared another Pandora’s Box to take down the CCP. I’ve talked about biochemical and chemical weapons.

Then I said repeatedly that the West must pay attention to the coming darkness. Not only did I say, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi also publicly told the U.S. in the first few months of the pandemic in 2019.“Do you really want us to open the Pandora’s box?” He also said it officially. Then the coronavirus was released, and the pandemic happened.

Also remember that in the Wuhan laboratory, “Pandora’s Box” is engraved on the wall at the entrance of the Wuhan P4 Lab. It writes “The moment when you enter this door, you’ve walked into a Pandora’s box. You have to be careful, otherwise it’s like human opening a Pandora’s box”.

You can check this out, why did I know it in 2017? Why did Minister Wang Yi, on behalf of the CCP, say in 2019 that they would open the Pandora’s Box? If you still think that the Wuhan coronavirus is not the Pandora’s box, then you can continue to believe this. You can continue to believe that you don’t need to wear a mask.

What I want to ask now is, the simplest question, why there is no one out of the over 7 billion people in the world dare to ask the origin of the virus? We were the first to blow the whistle from December 2019 to January 2020 and it has all been confirmed now.

Secondly, we were the first to tell everyone that hydroxychloroquine can be helpful. We told everyone that the virus would mutate and would not stop in May of this year. We also told everyone that new variants would come out. We were the first to say that India was at high likelihood to have a major outbreak.

What we have said have all been confirmed. If you still consider these to be rumors when they are all confirmed, then your conscience, your morals, and your assumptions are in question. While facing the coronavirus, you have to accept the facts and you have to accept what we said were more than 90% correct. Anyone knows that if someone’s predictions are more than 50% correct, he would be a prophet. What we have said are more than 90% correct.

If you still think that we are spreading rumors, then you lost your conscience, you have ulterior motives, and you are part of the devil. The Pandora’s box has been opened. Ask your family, ask yourself and ask the world: what has changed? Your life and your ways of living. Every one of you is facing the threat of the coronavirus. If you still believe that the coronavirus comes from nature, you must be either stupid or a coward! Nothing else

34:49 The CCP Virus Timeline

The Whistleblower Movement Exposes The Truth About The CCP Virus

October 5, 2017, Miles Guo said that the whole world must prepare for the “dark night” brought by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Mile Guo: Trust me! Please do! The darkness is coming along! Do prepare yourself, as the darkness brought over by the CCP kleptocrats is coming!

June 13,2019, Miles Guo issued a warning that the CCP would release a chemical weapon against the Hong Kong protesters.

Mile Guo: The CCP plans to release a chemical weapon – You will collapse without ever knowing the cause. This is that a chemical weapon will do.

January 4, 2020, Carrie Lam was stunned when she learned that Miles Guo had said on social media that the virus was created by the CCP to be used against the Hong Kong people.

Miles Guo: Miles Guo broadcasted that SARD(Covid-19) was designed by the Chinese central government as an excuse to oppress the Hong Kong protestors. Carrie Lam was stunned and then said: “Why didn’t know about it? Really? When did you hear this? I want to watch this video”. After watching the video that her secretary showed her. She didn’t say anything.

February 27, 2020,David’s War Room revealed that the data of China’s infection on the Covid-19 dashboard of Johns Hopkins University came from Dingxiangyuan, and the data was fake. He thought this was part of CCP’s biochemical warfare.

DavidWHO has mastered the technology and intelligence of all affected countries through this database. They can make fake data on the website about the pandemic of U.S. These fake data mean that after the U.S. pandemic broke out. Americans will be deceived by these fake data.

March 14,2020, Miles Guo again emphasized that Covid-19 is from CCP’s P4 lab. And the CCP wants to use the virus against Hong Kong peopleTaiwan people and the whole world.

Miles Guo: I can responsibly tell you guys again today. The coronavirus in Wuhan are from the CCP’s P4 bio lab. The virus was released by the CCP against the people of Hong Kong. They’ll also harm the world after using it to harm the people of Taiwan


April 21,2021,Miles Guo formally told some people that the Chinese Communist Party has the antidote to Covid-19 and the vaccine is ineffective.

Miles Guo: My friend in Europe told me without any reservations that the Chinese Communist Party has the antidote. So I formally told some people yesterday. If you believe me, I guarantee you with my life that if you want to survive, ask the Chinese Communist Party for the antidote. When the CCP makes the bioweapon. It also creates the antidote the vaccine will not work. They finally understand the problem.

  • May 30, 2021, A Chinese general fleeing to Europe showed evidence of the virus released by the CCP. The intention is to destroy the U.S. election, the US dollar, and the world economy.

Miles Guo: The general showed them the videos and documents. And the CCP’s plan to release the virus in Hong Kong and in Wuhan. At that time, the CCP first tried to release it in Guangzhou. But it didn’t work. Later, they aimed to release it at The Military World Games. The release was still not successful. And in the end, it was released on the seafood market in Wuhan China. The purpose was to stop the protest movement in Hong Kong. Then to destroy Trump’s presidential election, to destroy world economy, and to flip the world economy toward the CCP.The CCP wants to turn China’s vaccine economy into a world economy centered around the CCP’s economy, eradicate the USD and give the CCP world dominance.

June 25, 2021, The scientists who fled from China to the west have made the west realize that Covid-19 is the CCP’s biochemical weapon, which is biochemical warfare.

Miles Guo: The scientist who fled to Europe from China has completely changed our strategy using the pandemic to take down the CCP. These scientists who we just rescued have arrived in the United States and in the west.Have made the west understand fully that the coronavirus is a bioengineered virus, a real bioweapon, and unrestricted warfare.

The Whistleblower Movement Exposing the truth about the CCP virus.The truth about the CCP virus will be revealed by the dedicated fellow fighters, not by a few crooks. Any gangster by law and scorned by the public.

37:25 Question 9:DON’T TRUST ME BUT VERIFY.

Isobel:The problem is there’s not a lot of evidence to support the things that you’re making. For example, COVID is made in a Chinese laboratory in order to destroy the vast population. But it also to promote your stated claim that…

Miles Guo: Isobel, are you an expert? Do you know about the coronavirus?

Isobel: I didn’t say that I’m a COVID expert, I’m just saying that…

Miles Guo:Do you know what coronavirus is? You don’t know at all about this, right? That’s why your media can judge this…that’s why you media can represent the American people about the American president election. You can say this guy win this guy lose, but you cannot represent the expert. You media are not the expert. You do not have any common sense about coronavirus. Even you want to interview this. You need maybe 10 years to study on the coronavirus.

That’s why you reporters are totally ridiculous. You never know what coronavirus is. You never know what P3 lab does, don’t know what P4 lab does. You never know. Do you know Wuhan P4 lab? Where ? Do you see the Pandora’s Box on the wall (of the Wuhan P4 lab)? Do you see globally there are millions of experts believe that this is not from nature? I don’t want to talk about details. If you want to talk about details, I can talk for 10 hours.

In January (2020), Xi, the CCP, said that this was not man made. It was from nature. They said there was no human-to-human transmission. We can control. Just in one week, we were broadcasting there was no control. There must be human-to-human transmission. There’d be big global outbreak. Then just after one week, Xi Jinping said, there was human-to-human transmission and we’ve have lost control. That’s the common sense. If they didn’t make this coronavirus, they’d say, please, the WHO, America. They’d invite you, HBO, to go to Wuhan for investigation. Why wouldn’t they?

What I want to say is that you have no idea what COVID is. To you, it is like rocket sciences which you know nothing about. Why wouldn’t the Wuhan Lab invite you to interview and why wouldn’t you go to interview the Wuhan Lab? Since the virus was not made by the CCP, why wouldn’t the Wuhan lab invite you to interview? Why wouldn’t they open to any media for interview? If it was not created by the CCP, why wouldn’t the CCP accept the western media’s interview? Because your people died. 

Because your people died, you are eligible to raise questions. Why wouldn’t they allow you to interview, to investigate and to talk with the CCP? Don’t you feel suspicious, dear Isobel? Too ridiculous! People died, but you don’t care. You only care about how many people watch your show.

Isobel: I think we just try to find on what the facts are. But a lot of stories that you’ve created and promoted are very impressive and how far these may be spread. Are you pleased to that?

Miles Guo: You’re absolutely wrong. I’ll never be despicable like you people. You’re working for money as a slave for the entire life. You’ve forgotten that you’re media and you’re journalists. GTV and GNEWS do not sell any commercials. We don’t care who watch us or not. What we’re doing is beyond your comprehension. While your conscience and your faith are buried by money.

We’re saving the world. I just want to tell the truth to the world so that the people with conscience who want to understand could find out where the COVID comes from. And they could understand how the CCP is threatening the world as well as Xinjiang genocide and the true causes of death of the young protestors of Hong Kong. I just want them to know the truth.

We did it. At least many people, some scientists and governments still have conscience. Fox hosts, like Maria and Tucker, are interviewing and learning. Also, many more media and journalists are investigating the truth.

I don’t need you to believe us. We never had the illusion to win the trust from your rogue media. Because you’re liars, you’re scum and you’re part of the criminal organization. We just want the people with conscience to know (the truth). You don’t need to trust us but investigate what we’ve presented. We just want you to follow our revelation and find out the truth by yourself.

41:46 Question 10: Regardless of race only good and evil

Isobel: Who is it that you’re taking to now? There’s a lot of Chinese people who have come the U.S. a lot of them don’t speak English. Are they your target audience?

Miles Guo: This is the difference between the West and us. You always categorize Chinese people and American people as separate. You categorize white people as separate from Asians and Blacks. This is very unfortunate. As a Buddhist, to me, there is no difference, whether it be race, ethnicity, or country of origin. I really believe this.

In my eyes, there are only two kinds of people: good people and bad people. Only good people and bad people. I only want good people to hear me out. I don’t care if the bad people follow me or not. I only want bad people to stop killing good people and to stop trying to destroy and control the world. 

Personally, I have no hatred toward anyone, even Wang Qishan whom I have exposed the most. If he starts to support the Whistleblower Movement, I will accept him as my friend. If Xi wants to take down the CCP, he can also become my friend. I have only one goal, that is to take down the Communism. I will take down the communism without faith and I want to take down the bad people who created the coronavirus. I don’t care. I don’t care what race, what color, or what kind of people come to watch my live broadcast.

This is the sadness of the current American media. You are committing crimes. In your bones, you believe in and encourage racism. Look at all the lies that you have been telling Mr. Bannon and I have worked together for a long time. What I saw is that he treats all non-whites with the utmost respect. But you the media and the CCP have successfully made him out to be a racist.

In reality, he has been very kind to everyone. He grew up in a black community and he has no racism in his beliefs, but you, the so-called serious, rogue media turned Mr. Bannon into a total racist. You did the same thing to President Trump. You have also molded Biden’s image into that of the fool. Biden is not a fool.

I do not have any so-called personal love or hate toward Biden, Trump or Bannon. I don’t want to get involved in any American politics. However, I can clearly see how you, the media, manipulate the conflicts, between the two parties, and also promote racism. You have been the producers of lies either turning Biden into a fool or turning Trump and Bannon into racists.

There is only one enemy in the world, the Communism. I want to expose the evilness of the CCP and to tell the world who is good and who is bad, instead, you are creating hatred to earn your trivial fees. For shame. Shame on you! 

  • 44:34 Question 12: CCP≠CHINESE PEOPLE

Isobel: There’s a lot of anger towards China at the moment. I think the US-China relationship has deteriorated coronavirus did originate there in some form. Nevertheless, there’s a massive rising superpower that is gaining more and more power in the world. Do you think that in itself has benefited you and the work that you’re doing? Yeah, has that makes you more visible?

Miles Guo: back in 2019, I once said that President Biden would be more anti-CCP than President Trump if Biden took the office. That statement was criticized by many CCP’s internet trolls POTUS Biden has attacked and damaged the CCP much more in his first 6 months of presidency than the Trump presidency ever did. I think that his actions far surpass that of President Trump.

To my knowledge, President Trump has no intention to defeat the CCP. Rather he has focused on profiting from the CCP for the U.S. but he does not want to eliminate the CCP in any way. To date, I believe this is still true.

Biden appears to be warm and friendly to the CCP, but his actions are actually hurting the CCP more. Another thing I want to say is that many people are saying that what Miles most hopes is the hatred of Asians through the series of events that happened in the U.S. This is the shameless and sad part of your media that has been spinning the truth 180 degrees.

From 2017 to 2018, Miles Guo was the only Chinese telling all fellow fighters that we want to be anti-CCP, take down the CCP, not anti-Chinese. What we want is to destroy the system itself but not any one individual. And since 2018, for the past 3-4 years, I have been saying this daily that the CCP is not the same as the Chinese people, and the CCP is not the same as China. We have provided a huge number of materials and reports to the western leaders, including Trump’s administration, through connections.

I made it very clear that the CCP is not the same as the Chinese people. Being the first person to do so, I was massively attacked by the CCP, its internet trolls, and even people all over the world. But it was proven that we are correct now. We are the only ones making such a statement. You, HBO VICE, have never tried to distinguish the Chinese people from the CCP. That is the true color of you, rogue media. Now, you come to question us.

The last thing we want is the hatred created by your media toward Asians. May I ask you, the so-called serious, neutral media, have you ever helped be a voice for us Asians? I was the first to make this clear that whoever makes hate speech against Asians or people of yellow complexion are our enemies. I am also the only person promoting that the CCP is not the same as the Chinese people, via GTV, GNEWS and former Voice of Guo. We protected Asian media by differentiating them from the CCP.

But you are the culprits who created the anti-Asian hatred movement by blending the CCP and all Asians together and by twisting the facts to blame us for it.  We are the only ones to resist. As recently as of yesterday and the day before, I have made it clear in my live broadcasts that we must not treat all family members of the CCP as our enemies. This is the same as Hitler’s killing of the Jews.

The 270-million family members of the 90-million CCP members cannot all be criminals and we have no proof for that. This is a type of racial hatred and a new type of modern massacre. We are firmly opposed to treating all Communist family members as criminals. We are even more opposed to blaming the damages of the CCP-created coronavirus on all Chinese people. We are even more opposed that all Chinese children studying abroad are treated as spies by Americans. This is absurd and nonsense. I don’t believe that more than 1%-10% of them are all spies.

This was made up by the hateful hooligans in your rogue media. You never really speak for the weak and the minorities. When the weak get hurt, you then serve hypocritically as arbiters. This is the tragedy of your industry.  Isabella, HBO VICE is a rogue media.


Isobel: I mean, to be a fact, myself delivered a pretty big report on Uyghurs.

Miles Guo:(Your report) came out after I talked about Xinjiang. I am the first person to talk about the Xinjiang genocide. Ok? After me. If you did, I appreciate. You helped the Uyghurs. So, this is very good. But you are just after me about this. But why you always treat me…You never said that Miles Guo was the first person to talk about the Xinjiang genocide. You never talked about. Why? You just like to keep your dignity and your power. You never appreciate that. I am the first person who had the courage to deliver the truth to the west world. You never talked about it.

IsobelWell, I’m thinking about getting the facts, right?

Miles Guo I am talking about facts. I am the first person to talk about the facts in Xinjiang ,But you never talked about Miles Guo being the first person to talk about Xinjiang .You’ve never talked. Why. That’s because you are selfish. Weird.. That’s you.


Isobel You embarks on this mission recently to eradicate traitors ,Which involves you going after a lot of Chinese people, Chinese dissidents, in the US who you claim are spies or traitors A lot of these people are saying that you’re going after them with no evidence, you are going after them with no grounding and that you’re just doing it to defame them. You are doing it to people who you’ve personally fallen out with.

Miles GuoThere’s totally bullshit. You like to hear how the other party talks about this, right? Very easy. America has rule of law. We can go to the court. It’s the justice .In the last four years, how long have I been in court? There is no one Chinese like Miles Guo (who spent so much time in court), including deposition case for Guo Baosheng deposition case for Xia Yeliang. I won. First Chinese person won in the American court .I spent five days .every day 18 hours/16 hours in court . I have to fight this.I win. Have you seen any court saying that Miles Guo is a rapist, a liar, after deposition? I won all the cases. Why don’t you talk about these?

Some people said I am a spy. They can sue me. We can go to the court. Court can make justice. We are the people who follow the New Federal State of China. In America, we have hundreds of thousands of followers. They have freedom. They have rule of law. They know they have the right to protest anywhere.

Bob Fu, Xiaoxia Gong, Guo Baosheng, Boxun ,Have you seen how many times all these guys have attacked me for no reason in the last four years? Miles Guo has never, never, zero time, taken a negative attack on any Chinese in the first place. Not one time. If you find it once, you can send me to jail. I’ve never taken first negative attack on any Chinese Always after they attacked me and spread rumors about me .You never talked about it. Why?

You never talked. Only my followers… they helped me and they said this is not fair. Why do you follow the CCP to attack Miles Guo? These Chinese communists in New York .they came to my building downstairs .They held a sign saying “Rapist Guo, go back to China” Why you never reported? You never ask these questions. Where did the money come from .Who sent them to come here? In 6 months, everyday there were 200 – 300 people coming in a luxury bus to protest against me. I hate violence. You know, Isabella, and nobody should be violent to others, only bad guys .If they say I am the bad guy, just go to court. Easy!


Isobel: There seem to be a bit of a pattern where by people who disagree with you and people who are against you .You then go after and you claim that they’re traitor.

Miles Guo No. You are 100% liar. That is totally a lie. Miles Guo never goes to the protest to say (someone is) a spy or liar. They are all followers. They are all American citizens. Americans can go to protest .They can google, they can investigate . They know Bob Fu who was a former the Chinese Communist Party member. Bob Fu is a fake religious paster Everybody knows .they have the authority to do anything, not ordered by me. Why everybody goes to protest and everybody say that is from Miles Guo? Why when I talked CCP create the coronavirus. They say Miles, you lie .When I say these are bad people .They say Miles Guo lies

I say bad guys are good. They said now you lie . I say bad guys are bad. (They say you) lie.  But they talked about me that Miles Guo is a rapist or a liar. (They say) yes, that is correct . You always support the CCP.  You always trust the CCP You always think Miles Guo totally lies,  no any evidence or proof. Miles Guo never lies in the media, all facts


previous video of Miles Guo:Now I want to talk about something that shocked me, This is something that my Twitter friends and Mainland China friends told me, On Twitter a lawyer named Teng Biao ,Because I don’t follow him on Twitter or look at his tweets. In fact , I still haven’t looked at it yet . They told me that on Twitter, Mr. Teng Biao alleged that Miles Guo committed incest, I said I didn’t do it .I didn’t see the Tweet. Later, a friend on Twitter sent me a screenshot. And then, my good friends in Shanghai also sent me messages telling me what Mr. Teng Biao tweetes. I was shocked. I had great respect for Mr. Teng Biao who was one of the lawyers of the 709 crackdown. I don’t know why Mr. Teng Biao decided to target me. As a human rights lawyer, Mr. Teng Biao you are a victim yourself (during the 709 crackdown).How could you say that Miles Guo committed incest. Mark my words, Mr. Teng Biao, You need to give me a reasonable explanation.                                                                                                                

Mr. Teng Biao, as a lawyer, you need. you need to have evidence. Don’t talk to me without any evidence. How dare you accuse me without any evidence. As a human rights lawyer, you should be ashamed, Tohis is not something that a lawyer should do. Mr. Teng Biao, you have a wife, a daughter, and a mother. If you accuse me (and my cousin) of “incest ” without any evidence. This will bring shame to your mother, your wife and your daughter.

Because I also have a daughter, and a wife, If I accused you of incest without any evidence. Then I would also be bringing shame to them. So Mr. Teng Biao by doing this, you have crossed the line. Just like how I cannot accuse you of incest. Without evidence. I cannot say that.

As a human rights lawyer, Mr. Teng Biao how could you accuse me of incest? Who did I commit incest with? Regardless of our political beliefs, everyone should know that these kleptocrats are the ones preventing us from returning to our homeland persecuting us, stealing from us, threatening our safety and bringing insult to our families. They are our enemies. You are standing on the side of the enemy by slandering me. Are you friend or foe?

Fundamentally, this is a moral issue. It’s also a legal issue. As a human rights lawyer, who abides by the rule of law. You should know better than to speak without evidence, you need to be held accountable for making these groundless claims. This is also morally wrong. You need to clear this up with your followers on Twitter, To the tens of millions of overseas Chinese who cannot return home(to China and are being oppressed by the kleptocrats. you need to give them an answer. You need to show some evidence

If you can’t show any evidence and can’t give any answers, Mark my words, Mr. Teng Biao, I will pay you back ten-fold with what you did to me. Your behavior has crossed the line. Let me tell you, a lawyer should never do such a thing. On top of that, you are deceiving everyone around the world with your human right halo. You don’t even deserve to be called a human being.

Mr. Teng Biao, after what you have done. I suggest you to stop calling yourself a human rights lawyer. You shouldn’t do this, out of jealousy for me. You shouldn’t make things up so unrealistically. You shouldn’t hurt me someone who has nothing to do with you. You need to provide some sort of explanation. You need to give me an answer. This is my point.

Isobel: I just want to take a moment… it is about Teng Biao….

Miles GuoTeng Biao is crazy, Teng Biao is a liar and a Communist Party (Member). He hates Chinese.

Isobel: Let me just lay out what happened… Quite a renowned and respected lawyer and activist, spending a lot of his time fighting for human rights …he came to the US, he totally disagreed with you and called you out and said you are a liar.

Miles Guo Could you…That is, you totally lost your mind. Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Isobel: Immediately after that, he said that you sent a lot of reporters to his house.

Miles Guo What you said are 100% fake. You lied, Isobel, Isobel, you lied. You lied, you know, you are lying.

Isobel: One of us is lying for sure. That reporter was pressuring him for 7 days in a roll, hassling him, hassling his family members. That is extremely stressful. Why are you going after dissidents?

Miles Guo Isabella, do you know when Teng Biao started attacking me? Do you know this?

Isobel: I… I…

Miles Guo When? When? When? Tell me, tell me. When? When?

Isobel: He criticized you…

Miles Guo He criticized me. He told me that I raped my cousin. You think this is criticism, right?  I think, Isabella, you…

Isobel: He criticized you…

Miles Guo …raped you cousin, you think this is criticism? I never knew who Teng Biao was. Teng Biao is…in 2017 when I talked about HNA, when I talked about Wang Qishan, the owner of HNA, when I talked about the CCP and its evil, then Teng Biao attacked me saying, Miles Guo raped his own cousin. You think this is only criticism? Isabella, could you tell me…Isabella, when someone says “you raped your cousin”.  Do you think this is criticism? How do you feel, please tell me. I never knew who Teng Biao was, but Teng Biao talked about me negatively and said Miles Guo works for the CCP, and I am a CCP’s spy. Do you think this is only criticism? Miles Guo raped his cousin. Do you think this is only criticism? what is your standard, tell me.

Isobel: So when he put out these criticisms …

Miles Guo No, this is 2017, it is May, June, July, and August… They attacked me and I never knew who Teng Biao was. Why Teng Biao… Teng Biao, do you have evidence that I raped my cousin? Did you ask Teng Biao, did you ask Teng Biao if he has the evidence that Miles Guo raped his cousin? Did you ask Teng Biao if he has the evidence that Miles Guo is a double spy? Did you ask him?

Isobel: Do you have evidence he is a CCP spy?

Miles Guo 100%

Isobel: And he is rapist?

Miles Guo No, I call him “luanlun (Incest) Biao” is because he was saying I am an incest that I raped my cousin… that is why somebody called him “luanlun (Incest) Biao”, saying he is “Rapist Teng Biao” You are totally wrong

Isobel: Also you called him a rapist

Miles Guo You are totally wrong. He said that I raped my cousin, then people on the Internet give him a nickname “Rapist Teng Biao”. You are totally wrong, Isabella. Since he called me the rapist, so people give him a nickname called: “Incest Biao” .

Isobel: You said in your own words… So “Rapist Biao, Teng Biao”

Miles Guo Yeah, that is right. That is not my creation. That is on social media somebody called him “rapist Teng Biao” because he called me rapist. How do you say “Luanlun” in English?

Translator: ah…it is Incest

Miles Guo And incest, I incested my cousin, then people call him the rapist. That is why I followed people called him the rapist “Incest Biao”. Where did I go wrong? He first, for no reason, attacked me, saying I am an incest who raped my cousin. Then he said I am a double spy. Then you are helping him, you are crazy, Isabella. You have no justice.

Isobel: I am not trying to help anyone; I am just trying to ask you. Did you have any real evidence of him being the things that you accused him of being a rapist?

Miles Guo Did you ask Teng Biao whether I raped my cousin?

Isobel: Can I just ask my question for a minute?

Man 1: Now we are getting into the defamation issue here.

Isobel: We are not, I am just asking, this is something he said publicly which is this is …

Miles Guo Yeah, Yeah

Man 1: He is asking if the guy has evidence that he committed incest here, that again the paper… I don’t want to get into your defamation issue over here, so…

Isobel: But I am just asking, these were the things he said, these were the things he said that you can just say yes or no.

Miles Guo No

Man 1: You are asking the evidence which is part of the defamation case.  Next question.

Miles Guo: We will see him in the court, this is a court case.

Man 1: No, No

Miles Guo Yeah, we go to the case, easy, case in the court

Isobel: So, you are saying you have evidence that he is a CCP spy and he is a rapist?

Miles Guo: No, we go to the court… No, that’s what you said, I want to see him in the court, go to the court.

Translator: Mr. Guo

Man 1: you have a question?

Translator: Mr. Guo, can I clarify what you said?

Man 1: a fair question, go ahead go ahead…

Translator: What I said was that I did not call him rapist, I did not call him incest. It was that he called me a rapist so that is why my fan is calling him because of what he said about me, so they give him the nick-name,” rapist Teng Biao”. Not because what he did, it was because what he called me. So that my fan was using that term to call him as his name.

Isobel: Yeah, I understand, but…

Translator: So, I followed my fan what they call him. So, I just basically copy that name

Isobel: Right, but by copying it, he is promoting it by saying this guy is a rapist.

Miles Guo No, I never said he is a rapist, you are totally crazy.

Isobel: you said…

Miles GuoNo! You are totally crazy, this is…you are totally crazy, Isabella. And I know why she interviewed me. You want to help Teng Biao, right? You think Teng Biao is a hero, right? Teng Biao gave you the truth about coronavirus, Teng Biao is the….

Isobel: Teng Biao is not communist Spy……

Miles GuoTeng Biao thinks all the Chinese should get killed, Teng Biao says Chinese made the coronavirus, you like this idea, right?

Isobel: What are your motivations attacking people like Teng Biao?

Miles GuoI never attack people. You are totally wrong. I’ve never attacked people, you are totally wrong. I attacked who? Tell me…

Isobel: …you encourage people….

Miles GuoIsobel, I attacked whom? Please slow down, attacked whom? Attacked whom?

Isobel: I am saying you send…

Miles GuoI send?

Isobel: About 20 or so,

Miles Guo:What is your evidence that I sent people? Who did I send?

Isobel: You spoke about these people being Chinese spies and then…

Miles Guo:No, you are totally wrong! I’ve never sent anybody, they are taken action again…  The New Federal State of China, they have the right and follow American Law to protest 

Isobel:  If you asked protesters outside of Teng Biao’s house, if you ask them why they are there…

Miles GuoIs it Legal or not legal? Tell me. No, legal or illegal? tell me. They were protesting there.

Isobel: They are allowed to protest, but I am saying…

Miles Guo:Legal or illegal? Legal or illegal? It is illegal, right?

Isobel: I am saying is: it is legal to protest

Miles GuoTell me Isabella, it is legal or illegal?

Isobel: you are not allowing me to talk. I am saying it is legal that they are allowed to be there.

Miles GuoAh… legal

Isobel: But they are there is because you are telling people that…

Miles GuoI did not tell people, when I told people? Do you have evidence?

Isobel: These people are saying that…

Miles GuoWho? Tell me.

Isobel: When I asked protestors outside the houses, they were saying you said they are spies

Miles GuoI said what? I said…

Isobel: These guys are spies, that is why they are there. They are following you.

Miles Guo:Who said (they are) the spies?

Isobel: Your supporters

Miles GuoMy supporters said it, I cannot say it, right? I cannot follow anybody’s sayings? Even my followers said he is a spy, I have to take all the full responsibility. You think so, right?

Isobel:  No. I am saying these protesters going to these people’s houses because you’re calling…

Miles GuoThat is the America, that is legal right? Legal.

Isobel: It is legal. Right!

Miles GuoIt is legal, why do you criticize? Why criticize?

Isobel: Legal! Is it moral?

Miles GuoWhat is Moral?

Isobel: It is right or it is wrong.

Miles Guo I don’t… if it is legal, they can do. You can protest outside my house. In 2017, there were hundreds or thousands of people protesting outside my house, why don’t you report this? Why didn’t you ask this, is it legal or illegal? The CCP said I am a rapist and (wanted to) send me back to China. Outside, there were hundreds of people there. Why didn’t you ask them where they were from? That is legal or illegal? Tell me, Isabella.

They went to the office outside, protesting. Hundreds of people said “Miles Guo is a rapist”, They went to the Pierre hotel said “Miles Guo is a Rapist”. You think this is legal? Did you ask them? Do you have evidence that Miles Guo raped anybody? Did you ask them? Why are you helping Teng Biao? You criticize our protester to protest legally in America. You want us to be like in China, everybody who goes to protest gets arrested. Right? (Protest) is legal in America, anybody can do it.

Isobel: Of course, anyone can protest. I am just asking…

Miles Guo:Why did you criticize me?

Isobel: What I am asking…

Miles Guo:What do you want? You want to say I made an illegal protest, right?

Isobel: No, I am saying… I am asking whether it is right or wrong to send protesters to homes.

Miles GuoI never send protesters

Isobel: Encourage protesters to…

Miles GuoDo you have evidence?

Isobel: Encourage protesters to go to people’s houses without much…

Miles GuoNo, no, hold on, hold on. I sent people there and encouraged, what is the difference. Tell me what is it?

Isobel: Encourage, encourage.

Miles Guo:What is “encourage”, what is the standard of “encourage”? Like I say I like, I don’t like?

Isobel: Yeah, you are making videos. You have a lot of followers. You are making videos about these people are being spies and traitors.

Miles GuoDo you think this is true or fake? This is true or fake? This is true or fake?

Isobel: And the next day, people showed up at their houses.

Miles GuoThis is true or fake? That is true or fake? Tell me!

Isobel: What is true?

Miles GuoYou tell me. Protesters went to Teng Biao’s house and said Teng Biao is a double spy, is this true or fake?

Isobel: I am saying that if I were to encourage protesters to go someone’s house, to protest them being a Chinese spy. I would make damn sure I would have a lot of evidence for them being spy.

Miles Guo:Do you have evidence? Do you have evidence?

Isobel: Do you have evidence?

Miles GuoDo you have evidence?

Isobel: you have sent…

Miles Guoyou said, you asked me the question. Do you say… do you have evidence to show me that Miles Guo sent people there? Show me the evidence please? Do you have?

Isobel: Evidence of what?

Miles GuoDo you have any evidence of Miles Guo sent people to protest Teng Biao?

Isobel: Well, I spoke to people outside their houses, I spoke to people outside their houses.

Miles GuoWell, tell me, tell me, you need show me the proof.

Isobel: They said, They said because you have said…

Miles GuoSo you just listen, you listen to third party, right. It is bullshit.  You never have evidence to show me, right? You just asked since you have the big power.  That’s why your media is crazy.

Isobel: A lot of your assets…

Miles GuoWhat Assets? Show me please. You media…You cannot listen to the third party. I’ve been in the court many times, the judge said: don’t tell me anything you heard from the third party. That is a bull shit. Tell me what is your evidence, show me your evidence, your proof.

Isobel: A lot of your money, by your accounts, is confiscated.

Miles GuoCould you show me the evidence? Now. Show me the evidence.

Isobel: I am talking about…

Miles GuoCould you show me the evidence? If you don’t have evidence, maybe I will sue you again, Isabella. You make rumors in the camera, you are making a rumor that I sent people to protest Teng Biao. Maybe I will sue you. Because you make the rumor. 

Isobel: You are going to sue me?

Miles GuoYeah. Because you are making a rumor. You have no evidence. You have no evidence I sent people to protest Teng Biao, right? That is America, right?

Isobel: I… I ….

Miles Guo:Do you have evidence?

Isobel: I am saying that…most likely encouraging them.

Miles GuoMostly, what is “mostly”? Encourage, you said earlier, I sent people to go protesting Teng Biao.

Isobel: because this is….

Miles Guoyou have no evidence. That is damaging my reputation. You make me… that is damaging my reputation. Maybe in the court I will have a big trouble. That is why, you need to give me the evidence.

Isobel: OK, let’s move on.

Miles Guo:Yeah. …. Isabella

Isobel: Ah, how many lawsuits we are going to get after this interview…


Isobel: How broke are you right now?

Miles GuoI don’t know where to start. I cannot give you the answer because now I have a lot of lawsuits. I cannot talk about this, my personal finance here.

Isobel: Okay, are you selling this apartment and are you selling the yachts, which is…… not your yacht, not your apartment

Miles GuoNot my yacht, not my apartment. Four years ago, I told you.

Isobel: Right! Importantly, a federal inquiry into your business sections, several people have claimed that you have scammed them out of money that they’ve invested in your various business sections. Are you able to comment on that?

Miles Guo Do you have evidence?Show me! You make a rumor again.

Isobel: No, I am just asking……

Miles Guo You make a rumor again. You ask me (these questions) because you want to put this on the camera of HBO VICE, same as the last time you interviewed me. Oh, Miles, See the 82-million house. In the last-minute of your show, you damaged my reputation. That’s you always (do).  Because you can have more people watch your video and discredit Miles Guo. That’s what you want. Do you have evidence (that) they sue me? How about this? I do not know. Could you show me?

Isobel A lot of investors…

Miles Guo: A lot… You totally lie. You are 100% lie. You are totally lie. You 100% lie. Isabella, you lie. I guarantee I take full responsibility…

Isobel…high returns. Some asking, you are selling…

Miles GuoDo you have evidence? How? What is how many? What is the numbers? multiple numbers… (how) many people sue me? Could you show me the evidence?

Isobel Please answer the question?

Miles GuoAnswer the question? No! You lie.

IsobelSee you haven’t misled any investors…

Miles GuoYou lie! Again, I told you I take full responsibility. Could you take responsibility in (front of) the camera? You are listening to this garbage, rumors, gossip…

IsobelYou are welcome to have second thought too…I am asking…

Miles Guo: This is not true. You lie I told you. You lie.

IsobelOK, so…

Miles GuoYou lie!

IsobelSo In terms of all the money that investors are giving you in different business sections…

Miles Guo Zero. You lie! Nobody invested money I have no company. Whether they are investing me. You totally lie again.

Man: Miles, I think you can’t speak about anything regarding it.

Miles GuoYeah.

Isobelany investments… Okay.

(Man:) You cannot speak anything regarding anything about investment.


IsobelPangxie helped set up GTV. He says that you refuse to pay his last installment and you sold his information, he alleges, to the CCP that froze his bank account in China. What’s your thought about that?

Miles GuoYou totally lied again, totally a lie. I guarantee this guy never worked with me. Nobody uses any code he wrote. Also nobody owes him any money.

This is 100% a lie. You are lying.

Isobel Have you ever had a working relationship with him?

Miles GuoI can take full responsibility in the court. Can you take…that’s totally a lie. Your question is a fabricated, liar question.

Isobel Do you know him?

Miles GuoI know him. He was my former follower. He supported me. Before he worked on something but he broke the contract which was not with me. It’s another company before GTV. That’s true, but you are totally lying. Nobody owes him any money. You lied again.

Isobel I’m just asking a question.

Miles GuoHave you checked before asking a question? You always use fake question. This is the solution you liar and cheater used to defame me.

to defame me.

IsobelHave you been contacted by the FBI?

Miles GuoI cannot talk about this, because there are a lot of lawsuits so that I cannot talk about this yet.

IsobelThere are a lot of lawsuits. you’re extremely litigious.

Miles GuoYes, it’s CCP’s (inaudible) control. this is called unrestricted warfare. Yeah you know this. That’s why maybe now you help the CCP to discredit me again. But nearly all the case, I win. Why? Have you asked everybody that why Miles Guo has so many cases? How many cases that Miles Guo has won? Why don’t you ask this important question? Why do I have so many cases? All of these cases are paid by Bruno Wu, Jack Ma, and Elliott Broidy.

Elliott Broidy paid the fee for the two cheaters and liars, and he works with the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party. He illegally lobbied and helped the Chinese Communist Party to extradite me back to China. Why did Elliott Broidy pay for the two cases in DC to discredit me?Why don’t you ask this, such an important question? That’s the truth. Why don’t you ask? Why?

They sued Miles Guo for raping. This is a rape case. They call me “Rapist Guo” for raping Rui Ma. The case fee was paid by Bruno Wu. Rui Ma never showed her face in court, but the case fee was paid by Bruno Wu. Bruno Wu is legally a spy representative in America. Why don’t you ask something important like this? Why has Miles Guo so many lawsuits and the money behind was paid by Bruno Wu, Jack Ma, and Elliott Broidy?They work with the CCP officially. Why don’t you ask these?

IsobelHow many active lawsuits have you got going on at the moment?

Miles GuoMore than 60, between 60 and 70.

Isobel That’s a lot.

Miles GuoMaybe the next is you and me. I hope not.

IsobelGood one.

Miles GuoIsabella, you know, you want to create some case I think. I have a feeling that you want to create more cases between you, me and HBO VICE.

IsobelYou don’t seem shy to use your money and power and your legal prowess to assert your authority. So I don’t want to get into lawsuit with you.

Miles GuoThat’s why… that’s why… look at your media, look at yourself. Even as a normal person you need to look at yourself. Go back looking at mirror and look at yourself. Do you think this is the way to maintain yourself as a reporter? Do you think, for one time, you think Miles Guo talks the truth about the CCP. Do you think when you report, you’ve really found evidence to help the poor people, little guys, and lao bai xing? Do you really, for one time, support justice and provide the truth to normal people

Never. You just want to do something to defame a good person and help the bad guy. You only care about how many people follow your show. That’s you. When you ask me questions, you never ask me, Miles Guo why do you have so many cases with the money coming from Elliott Broidy and Bruno Wu? You never asked this. Why you don’t ask me, Miles Guo, how many family members were arrested? Why your mother… before your interview last time, your mother passed away, why?

You never ask where Teng Biao’s nickname, “Incest Biao”, came from. “Incest Biao” came from a rumor about me, saying that Miles Guo raped his cousin, an incest. You never asked about these. You just make a rumor and continue. You just want to make…Miles Guo has never done anything wrong. I just protect myself.

IsobelI am interested in the Elliott Broidy case. Tell us about Elliott Broidy’s case. You obvious can comment on it.

Miles GuoNo, Elliott Broidy’s case is easy. Elliott Broidy in DOJ…Elliott Broidy takes the money and works with the CCP, and wants to extradite Miles back. They got 100 million of 2 billion dollars, as guarantee. They want to make a fake case and also control Wall Street Journal to make a fake report, the same as your. Make a fake report says Miles Guo is a double-spy and sent Miles Guo back. They are corrupted and give George Higginbotham 7 million dollar to send Miles Guo back. Also they tried to convince President Trump to sign the document to send Miles Guo back.

That’s all their work that I have to deal with. I have the document. Also they work with Bruno Wu, Chinese police, you know, Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, and China spy system. But you’ve never reported. You’ve never reported. You just like anything that defame a hero, damage Miles Guo. You like the part.

You’ve never looked why American’s first case about DOJ with Higginbotham…they wanted to extradite Miles Guo back to China. You never asked this part. Elliott Broidy has paid money to (the 2) cheaters and liars to make rumor against Miles Guo being a double-spy in Wall Street Journal. You never ask the truth. You don’t care about the truth. You just want to make the rumor again. That is you.

IsobelWe spoke about Elliott Broidy last time when you showed us the documents.

Miles GuoBut you never reported it. You never said in your show that I show you what Elliott Broidy did. You never talked about it in the show. That is you. You want to lie. You don’t want the truth.


Isobel: Tell us what the purpose of the Tiananmen Square Event is that you’re referring to in June.

Miles GuoOh, that’s not about Tiananmen. June 4th.  It is not only about the Tiananmen Square. It is about the New Federal State of China, after the CCP, China’s new government that has the rule of the law system. We want to memorize it here. There are a lot of people joined the party. I want to send strong voice to China we never forget the 4th of June the Tiananmen Square. This was China trying to get it’ s democracy, freedom, and free religions. That’s what we want.

I never give up even they arrested me in 1989. You know I never give up. That’s my dream. Now, that is why we build the New Federal State of China in America. We want to let globe know – the CCP is not equal to the Chinese. The CCP is not equal to China. We are different from the CCP. The CCP is just a few people who are evil. They create the Hong Kong’s trouble, genocide in Xinjiang, They genocide the holy city in Tibet.

They create the Coronavirus to kill people,even now, nobody can face this problem. That is why we create the New Federal State. We put all the people who’d like China to have democracy and freedom together against the CCP. That is why. Also the media, we know no media have any courage. You know, the Chinese will find a good way to get rule of the law and freedom. That is what we want to do. Maybe you don’t like it.

Isobel: And you genuinely believe that you will create change for China?

Miles Guo100%. Nobody… why? My family…my mother died because of this. They killed my brother. They arrested my colleagues, 270 people. They froze our family assets, 100 billion and I lost everything. Every day, I get threatened, they want to try to kill me. They arrested my wife and my daughter for 2 times. They sent my brothers to jail 2 times, 3 times for 5 years, 6 years in jail. They sent my cousin to jail.

In America, they create 60 to 70 cases (lawsuits). You know the world “fire” at me. I am the number one in social media to get “50-cent army” attack me and spread rumor about me. Send your VICE to attack me. The only one reason is they want to take me down. I want to take down the CCP. Because it’s 100% that we can take down the CCP, the Chinese communist party. That is why I become a singer

My voice is really bad. But I made songs in iTunes, I am the first Chinese to become a Champion in the world. Why? Because I sing for justice, for truth. That is why the Chinese believe me, trust me. I get the power; I get the energy. I can take down the CCP.  I am a believer.


Isobel: When did you start against the Chinese government? Why are you so against the Chinese communist party?

Miles GuoWhy? Since my… when I was a child, I saw my father and mother. Because of Culture Revolution, they broke my father’s knee twice. Because of this, my mother went crazy. Also, my other brothers, they got big, big harms in the body. So, when I was a child, my mother and father told me the CCP is evil; don’t trust the CCP. 

Then I grew up. I went to the Tiananmen Square. I went to the protest. I protested and gave students money; donate money. They arrested me and killed my brother in front of me; to my face. They sent me to jail. It was for 22 months. They (handcuffed) me like this and (ankle-) cuffed me for 8 months; tortured me. Look at my body, it is painful, everywhere.

After this, I was released. I saw then China and what a disaster. In jail, I saw from my room more than 60 people got killed by the CCP because they want democracy, they are anti CCP.  I see all the facts and truth. That is why, always, I want to be stronger, build more relationships and more economy power. I’ve prepared for nearly 20-30 years. I want to take down the CCP.

There, I see in China, how many people get killed by the CCP every year. I go to Xinjiang, I go to Tibet, I go to everywhere in China to see disasters. I saw Yang Gailan, a sad story, She is a young mother with no food or 300 RMB. The only 300 RMB she has from the government was taken away because of corruption. Then she killed her 5 kids and suicided. This has a big influence on me. These are all my reasons. In my blood, I am anti-CCP.

When I was a child, I saw my father, my mother, my brother, my family, and my friend. I’ve seen all the places in China, in Xinjiang, in Tibet, I’ve seen all the things that have happened. That is why I am prepared! What is wrong? You think anti-CCP is wrong, right? Please, can you find another guy, like Miles Guo, who use huge assets and all the family get killed, get arrested, mother die, brother die, and wife, sisters, and brothers go to jail.

You think I am a spy. Which spy would get a big “pay”-  send family to jail, have mother killed, send wife, daughter, brothers to jail, and sent 270 colleagues to jail? Then the guy works as a spy? Even if I worked as a spy, it is easy (to prove) the CCP government just need to show one word, Miles Guo has a number, has the paper worked in the government

Easily they can send me to jail, either in America or in the world. Why don’t they show this? Why don’t you ask this point? This is kind of the number 1 important point. Why only talking? You, fake media, never show any evidence. Why you don’t want the government to show the evidence –  just one picture – Miles Guo worked at the government, worked for the CCP, worked as a spy. Why don’t you ask? 


Isobel I guess the thing is you are so against the CCP from such a young age when you were a child, you said, why is that you spend decade working in real-estate industry and get extremely rich off the real-estate industry you know. You have to corporate with the Chinese Communist Party in order to get as successfully as you got within that industry in China.

Miles GuoYou asked the question only for two reasons: Why you are stupid and why you don’t want me to talk about the truth? You see any movies, any TV program, everybody wants to revenge. Before, you need to work out, make more muscles, make brain here stronger, make relationships, prepare weapons, prepare money, prepare car, and then go to revenge. Everybody sees this in American movies, hero movies. 

Miles GuoSo you think you spent those decade to…

Miles GuoYeah, that is why! Why you don’t think Miles Guo, I am kind…, I was just released, my children were small, my mother and father were there. My entire family were there, we need to prepare our children to grow. I need muscles, I need to train my heart, I need to know more about the CCP. I need to prepare money, I need resource, I need to become stronger, that’s what I prepare for. Am I Wrong?

Why all the Americans watch every HBO movie? I watched HBO movies. Thanks to you, I no longer watch your HBO movies, because they are too fake. Because in your movies all the heroes prepared 5 years or 10 years before the revenge, then they get to win, right? Why I cannot prepare for 20 years, 30 years! You want me to grow my body and bring my mother, one year later, and take the gun to kill the CCP? What do you want? Why are you asking this question? You just want to create doubts if Miles Guo is really anti-CCP.

Tell me, in the globe, find one government, one country, even in America, who is the first to call to take down the CCP, who is taking down the China regime, and who is saying that the CCP is not the Chinese? Who talked Xinjiang genocide, who talked that Hong Kong people’s death is abnormal, who talked publicly that how many spies worked in America? You never talk (about these). Not even one time. Then you are challenging me.

I am doing (something) not movies. I am doing (something) never happened globally.

One person challenged number one evil regime, the Chinese Communist Party. Then you criticize me, you try to discredit me, that is your job.

Isobelwell, I just say, it is interesting strategy to, yeah….so against the Chinese Communist Party but at the same time work your way up to such riches and such success which in that to believe…

Miles GuoThat’s my reason, That’s my reason. I’ve prepared for a long time. Even now I am successful, I don’t kind.. I created 5-star hotel.  5-star hotel in China, 7-star hotel in China.  All these are the first ever in China.  This proves that Miles Guo has the capability to make miracle happen. 5-star hotel, 7-star hotel, China never has. Even now, (they are) still there.

Even the Olympics in 2008, OK? I am number 1, the only one, as a private developer who can make the dragon building, the Pangu plaza, there. Even the CCP and Wang QiShan take my company and my hotel and the building…. I can take them back. I have the capability to make miracles. That is why.

Today, I have the capability to create the New Federal State, because I am good at improving by myself. Look at the history, I can create miracles, my career and economy, I can make 1.3 billion people work together…I can make 100 thousand people work together… We can make this happen. That is why I train my heart, I train my head, I train my relationships, I train myself, also, I know I have the energy, I have the power, I have the capability, and I can take down the CCP.

I am not as the same as you. All you have is a good life, good house, no challenges, no enemy. Look, you are so beautiful. You just work with camera. That is OK, right? You are successful but you have no capability to take down the CCP. You have no courage, because your family is not going to die from the CCP, your family is not getting arrested by the CCP. Just wear your mask and don’t want to think about the virus is really from CCP. I am doing this.

IsobelSo you think the decades you spent in China getting rich was not about…

Miles GuoIn China, how many rich people like Jack Ma? In China, the number one economy, there are 1000 billionaires, You think everybody is criminal, right?

IsobelNo I am just trying to tell…

Miles GuoYou say Wall Street with all the money, every year about half trillion money is from China. You think all the people from Wall Street, Hollywood, also HBO, your VICE, your money is from China. Do you think your company is criminal? You think everybody work with CCP get rich are all criminals. Do you think this?

IsobelI am just, we are talking about your situation

Miles GuoThat’s why, that’s why you are totally crazy! You think Miles Guo have money; he must be criminal. That’s why you are crazy. You want to make a hole and want me to jump. Your company has a lot of money from the Chinese Communist Party

Isobel I am just trying to clarify.  So you are saying those decades you worked in China in the real-estate industry which you didn’t have to be involved in some cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party, was not about you getting rich for yourself, it was about you preparing and building up to this moment

Miles Guo::Yeah, that is 100%

Isobelto be able to…. to applicate taking down the Chinese Communist Party

Miles Guo That’s why you need to ask me a very important question. You never want to know. Everything is true. Since 2015, the CCP investigated me. They arrested my family and 270 colleagues. They are trialed for more the 100 times, Do you see any trial say, Miles Guo takes the money from China? Zero. Do you see any criminal cases saying that Miles Guo takes the money, one dollar, from the Chinese Communist Party? Zero.

Why? There’re 12,000 police, cops, investigating all and everything. They never found Miles Guo taking one dollar from mainland China, from the CCP. That is 100% CCP-controlled court. You never ask peoples, even Miles Guo got 12,000 police investigating him for 5 years, they never found Miles Guo takes one dollar from China. No one dollar is from the Party. You never talked about this.

IsobelWhat is your relationship now with the Chinese Communist Party? Did you…

Miles GuoEnemy! I am the number one enemy of the Chinese communist Party, you know.

IsobelDo you have relationships with the members of the Chinese Communist Party?

Miles GuoWhat is the relationship? I don’t know, I don’t have. Personally, I have a lot of friends in mainland, in Zhongnanhai, in the political bureau.  Many people want me to take down the CCP.I am the only one hope in China, also including many Chinese Communist Party’s members. They hate the regime. Many people get arrested. Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan arrested one million CCP members in the last 5 years. They used the “good” names, CBO and HBO called it “anti-corruption”.

But they are the ones made the big corruption. There are people in jail, they want to take down the CCP.  Some good guys are in jail, that is China. Good guys in jail, bad guys in Zhongnanhai. That is why I want to take down the CCP. But you are trying to help Zhongnanhai. Today, all your questions are used to discredit me. (You) try to help the CCP. Miles Guo is the liar. Miles Guo is the rumor. Miles Guo is a discredited person. Miles Guo sent people to protest. You’re totally crazy. You never asked me any question mentioning the truth! Why does the CCP think Miles Guo number 1 enemy?

IsobelWhy are you then?

Miles Guo Because I am really taking the action to take down CCP. You don’t like to know this part, right? I guarantee that you will not put the part in your show. That is why we have a camera here.  100% time here. We are making a recording. You cannot lie

IsobelWhat do you want to do with the camera?

Miles Guo Even after your show, I want to show the world what the interview is. I know you cut and edit. You only like your part, ask me lie questions, then make a lie video again. Do effect! Last time you cheat (on) me.

Isobel we had to edit the interview, because it is a very long interview.

Miles Guo I am in the media for the last 5 years. I’ve live broadcasted for 3800 times. I know what the issue is. That is why I always live broadcast. Yours is edited. You are a liar. That is why I (am) prepared. You cannot lie to me again.

IsobelWe will edit, it will be truthful

Miles GuoThat’s why in last 3 years, how many times you wanted to interview me, I never say yes. I hate you. You edited fake questions. You are trying to damage me.


Another person: I just have one question going back to the New Federal State of China. You said you have 500 million members. I am curious what that membership entails? What does that mean? Is it about …?

Isobel:  Right, what does it mean to have hundreds of millions of members in the New Federal State of China? Do they have to pay for membership? Are they just following your work? What does it mean?

Miles Guo I want to tell you first, the Whistleblower Movement I have now only two foundations: the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society, right? People can donate money; the two foundations are maintained by the supporters or followers. I never touch any dollar. That is them (the 2 foundations). This is small money, not big money. So the New Federal State has never taken one dollar from supporters, never! Never until today! Never, never take one dollar from any follower.

Miles Guo never takes one dollar from the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. Never. I never touch this. In front of the camera, I can take full responsibility. Don’t try to trick me, OK? We are talking about 100 million people. Why? Because we have the (live) broadcast, people can watch the broadcast, we never record it, we are live

There are (inaudible) how many people watch our program during live stream, we can see sometime 2.4 million people, sometime 4million people, Insiders sent me data from China. Same time last year, for the New Federal State of China, 1.8 billion (180million) people googled us. We have the insider, our warrior, tell me how many people support us. That is why we have the number, from the Rule of Law Foundation, we have the donation data,

from the GTV, we have the (audience) data, from insider data, we have more than 100 million supporters I said it’s about 500 million because they arrested one guy from Chinese social media, called WeChat of Tencent. The guy has tried to work with us, tried to come to America. Inside the WeChat, everything about my broadcast is sent through WeChat, smaller-size (files), and get 400 million to 700 million people watch. That is why they arrest the guy. That is why this is the data. I have the evidence. You can go to check.

Isobel How do you make your money these days?

Miles Guo I can’t. I don’t make any money. I lose money. That is crazy, I am really…. you know.  Miles Guo is prepared from day one to take down the CCP. I can eat shit or be killed for a thousand times, I don’t care. I know what a good life is, I had before. I am an entrepreneur, help the family, and build big platform. I know what is rich, right? But I never think I want a rich lifestyle again. I hate the style.

Many global people have money, because they are rich. They are as same as the dog, as same as the pig. They just want to eat, keep the money, and die. I don’t want. In my life, there is only one major priority: to take down the CCP.

IsobelTaking down the CCP obviously requires money, how much you worth?

Miles GuoNo. I don’t want any money back!

Isobel No, No, I mean how much money you have to pay with?

Miles Guo:No, I think this is not about money, This “take down the CCP” is about your faith. Faith, religion. (Faith) Faith. Not about money. Money cannot take down the CCP. Americans are rich, but Americans now get raped by the CCP. It is spreading coronavirus everywhere, nobody can tell the truth, can ask about the truth. America is rich, no this “take down the CCP” needs courage. You really need to have faith, that is very important. You think the money can take down the CCP. Come on…That’s why we are different….






previous video of Miles Guo

Miles Guo: So today,on the morning of June 20th, 2021 I’m very honored, to send out this warning message to all my fellow human beings in the world. Now, the most critical thing that I’m going to tell you is that we’ve received the accurate intelligence: First, the CCP is attempting soon, probably at the end of this summer and the beginning of this fall to release the coronavirus in the U.S. and the West once again. And the virus to be released this time will surely be more dangerous than the last one. We have accurate intelligence. We are informed that the CCP knows it very well that following the G7 Summit 2021 with millions of deaths hundreds of millions of people being infected with the virus in the entire world and meanwhile all walks lives in the whole world demanding the truth (about the virus). The CCP is well aware that the truth will eventually be found out. Making political deals and bribing or threatening politicians are unlikely going to work.

(The CCP )has only two options: First, once the West is almost approaching to the truth, they (the CCP)are going to occupy Taiwan. So, now the CCP has made a series of military and political deployments.

It’s clearly decided in the (CCP’s) internal meetings that so long as the West imposed large-scale economic sanctions

even under the scenario of the threat of waging wars then the CCP is just going to use the bioweapon to the fullest, in the most exhaustive way. By quoting the words of the CCP’s top leaders since this weapon was developed to target the Americans, the white people then we should transmit it to the U.S. We have been very successful using it in India. We (the CCP) should strive to inflict more damages with it on the United States and Europe. And it should be deployed without fear. If we (the CCP) want to use it we  should strike fear into the hearts of our enemies to the point that they’re terrified (of us).

Such decisions have been carried out by the Communists in the past. I hope that when you all the elites in the West see and hear this message. You can take precautions and deploy protective measures.

At the same time,the leadership of CCP has decided that after the release of the virus. When the world is concerned about the origin of the virus. When the CCP can no longer cover it up. They will have to invade and annex Taiwan to divert the world’s attention from the virus to Taiwan. So that no one would talk about the virus any more. The CCP will plunge China and the Western countries into a state of war. And during that state of war, they will exploit that wartime international relations. All wars are ultimately ended with trading political and economic resources.

Using war as a distraction, the CCP can obfuscate the true origin of the virus. They intend to force the West into peace talks through wars. The world will eventually give up on seeking accountability for the origin of the virus.

The New Federal State of China and the Whistleblowers’

Movement.  We will NEVER compromise under any circumstances, whatsoever nor we feared or will fear.  We continuously stand with the civilized western

 communities until the day  when the CCP is wiped off from the earth.

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1:44:13 CCP  Virus infection, death and vaccine disasters in the world

Mr.Miles Guo: I also want to let you know. In favor of Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan, you will see legislation and bills those are far beyond your anticipation I mentioned this in 2017 and I am telling you again

Today’s action is just the beginning!

●1:45:32 Mr. Miles Guo signed the protest for the Beijing Winter Olympic games on behalf of the New Federal State of China

Once again, on behalf of NFSC citizens around the world cancel the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

With Great Respect,

Mr. Wengui Guo

Founder-New Federal State of China

1:45:54 Government officers of some countries made speeches on diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympic Games

1:47:00 2021.11.1 DESTINY – CHANGING: HCOIN




1:47:29 Global Ranking of Hcoin To the Moon

1:48:00 EST 12/06/2021 Mr.Miles Guo’s livestream: THE CCP’S BRUTAL ATTACK TO MR.MILES GUO ONCE AGAIN

Mr.Miles Guo:Several hours ago, a former employee of the Pangu Plaza called and texted me saying that the Pangu Plaza was barricaded again. Barrier tapes were lined around the Pangu 7 Star Hotel. Both the Pangu Plaza Apartments and Siheyuan were barred. Over 1000 employees some were out Of work shift (sleeping), still in their pajamas were forced out into the streets. All their cell phones were confiscated. No one was allowed to take cell phones. Even my dad was forced out, too. His whereabouts are not known yet. Perhaps (he) is still wandering in the cold winter streets. No one knows where he has gone

There came over 100 judicial policemen from the Beijing Municipal High Court and the 3th Intermediate Court over 100 special policemen and over 100 people from BBMG. The apartments and the hotel were all  seized. The court notification was also sent to me. My goodness! No one can find my dad. My goodness! BBMG, Wang Qishan, you did it. Even the senior people and children were not left alone. This is how evil works. Women, seniors, children, the people with disabilities. No one was spared by the CCP.

1:48:44 Taking down the CCP is a sacred cause

Miles Guo: Brothers and sisters, taking down the CCP is a sacred cause. You have to see through life and death in the numan realm and overcome the affections for families, and any desire for personal interests and fame “Greed, hatred, delusion arrogance, and doubt” are the mindsets you should not have.  If you do, you will pay a dear price. That is exactly what the evil adversaries and the CCP want to see. They would take advantage of you if you’re overcome by any of these 5 toxic mindsets. Since everyone has greed hatred, delusion, arrogance doubt and fear, the CCP will harm you. The only thing you can do is to forget about these(toxic mindsets) keep it imprinted in your mind that you must ignore all these (toxic mindsets) without being swayed by them. Otherwise you will be miserable.You would rather die than live.



Someone said: I suspect this girl is a spy. Many details are not interviewed by the TV station. She interviews everywhere.

1:50:24 PPT: Isobel Yeung Partnership with the CCP

Ending pitcure:









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