Large outbreak of haemorrhagic fever in Xi’an, China?

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Recently, many netizens have reported a large number of cases of haemorrhagic fever in Chang’an District, Xi’an.

The infection unit at the local hospital is full and there have been a number of deaths.

According to the exposed WeChat group chats, a large number of black-lined Gophers were paradoxically found in strawberry sheds in Chang’an District this year, and strawberries were contaminated with pathogens that caused severe haemorrhagic fever after consumption.

Xi’an has always been an area with a high incidence of hemorrhagic fever. The climate and environment over there are suitable for rodents because of the fertile soil, many rivers, and numerous crops such as wheat and corn.

Today, the Government media only reported there are 7 locally COVID cases in Xi’an, but ignored the more severe hemorrhagic fever cases

Coincidentally, the CCP put the vocabulary “blood plaque’ at the top of Weibo popular search list yesterday, aimed to propagate the Ebola virus which caused fatal hemorrhagic fever. We have to be alert.

The following is translation of the screenshots (photos at the bottom of the article) of WeChat text messages from the locals.

Our hospital is full. Some patients were dead.

All hospitals in Xi’an designated to treat haemorrhagic fever are full.

Our infectious diseases department is full

If you want to avoid the COVID, don’t go to Chang’an district either. There has many hemorrhagic fever cases. The government does not report it, almost 200 cases. My friend, who is one of the doctors at Chang’an hospital, said that her colleague’s husband contracted hemorrhagic fever when he was jogging in a park, and died in a week. It is terrible, don’t go anywhere please stay at home.

The whole Xi’an city is the same as a horror movie plot.

I’m telling you, don’t feed your kids with strawberries now, my aunt didn’t grow  strawberries this year. There are more strawberries farming greenhouses in Chang’an, which have so many black-lined gophers that are running around and contaminating the strawberries with the virus, which spreads hemorrhagic fever. Now there are a lot of hemorrhagic fever cases in Chang’an district, many people have died. So do NOT feed your kids with strawberries now.

Usually there are not any rodents in the strawberry farming greenhouses. I don’t know why there are so many this year.

My child’s school, has suspended a couple of classes due to a student has hemorrhagic fever.

What the people said about the hemorrhagic fever outbreak is true, Chang’an hospital’s infectious diseases department is full. A sister from the other WeChat group is working there.

Source:【墙内新闻】网传西安突发大面积出血热感染 – GNEWS

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