The High vaccination rate cannot stop Omicron from spreading in New York

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As of December 23, 16,126,203 people had completed the first dose of vaccine in New York State, and 1,387,420 people had completed two doses. The vaccination rate of New York City at least one dose has reached 80%, and the vaccination rate of two doses has reached 72%. This is much higher than the U.S. vaccination rate of 70% for at least one dose and 61.7% for two doses.

According to previous WHO experts, when the vaccination rate reaches 70%, the pandemic will be effectively controlled. However, this is not the case. The Omicron outbreak in New York, one of the worst regions in the United States.In contrast, the number of new cases far exceeds that of the southern United States with less than 50% vaccination rates, such as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Georgia.

The number of cases in New York State has been increasing rapidly recently due to Omicron’s impact, with the number of new cases in New York State consistently above 20,000 on a single day since December 16 and soaring to 38,000 on the 22nd. New York City had more than 14,000 new cases in a single day on both the 14th and 15th, and more than 13,000 on the 20th.

Members of Frontline Doctors of America pointed out that the current evidence shows that the mRNA vaccine cannot effectively prevent the spread of the CCP virus, and the government should not focus on the vaccine mandate.


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