The Omicron Virus is Absolutely Beyond Everyone’s Imaginations

Miles Guo

Special thanks to Feifei, Dr. Eglise, and our artemisinin discussion group

All the doctors have taken huge risks without any rewards

and are working day and night

We all know that how many people have been saved

As represented by Eglise, they are all very important

Just like Feifei

from the time of illness to her final recovery

she didn’t rest at all

and did her best to save others

Now it seems that we have to make corrections to the opinion of Omicron

This Omicron is way more dangerous than we thought

It comes and all the syndromes it causes are much more serious than we thought

This Omicron is absolutely beyond everyone’s thought

So now the whistleblower movement in the West and the whole world is what Isabella Yang determined not to report


we have told you last year

that the viruses are definitely not as threatening to humans as the vaccines

The vaccine disaster is a real disaster following the virus disaster

It’s the biggest disaster in humanity

And we have said that again and again

that at the end of this year, the end of 2021 is the beginning of the real disaster

in which the virus would mass spread

Not anyone but us has said that

We have said that not less than 10,000 times this year, right?

In other words, what I said was a big outbreak from October to December

and it was from Africa and western America

Everything we had said is correct

And I said that there would be a big outbreak in the United States and worldwide after Thanksgiving

Did you see it?

The United States and the world have outbreaks, especially after Thanksgiving

In the end, we are correct again

We didn’t make that up

This is our scientists and the whistleblower movement in the back

knowing that this is a biochemical weapon, and it’s the intel information for the CCP’s internal decision-making

which is making the western economically collapse and internally disorder before the Winter Olympics

that way, they have no time to pay attention to the CCP

Just like Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan, Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, and Wang Huning have said internally

they would definitely win the Sino-US war of the century

This is what he has said exactly, “We must have confidence and will win the Sino-U.S. war of the century”

All these are the result of it

Brothers and sisters these days, you must be aware

The Omicron is terrible and serious

And the bad phenomenon is now finds that ivermectin and artemisinin somewhat are not 100% effective against Omicron

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