Human Beings Are Currently in a Situation of The Spring And Autumn Era Which Digital Currency is Replacing Fiat Currency

Miles Guo

The future of all decentralized digital currencies

which is I said earlier today that it would definitely exist at the same time as fiat currency for a period of time then replace it

Actually I’m telling everyone

This arrival of the digital currency with the blockchain will truly start for the first time in tens of thousands of years,

the first time to change the attributes of currency peacefully, quickly and without bloodshed

From the past the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Portugal, including the Roman Empire, our China’s Yuan Datou and the Qing Dynasty

all currencies

that as you have already seen, every country, and each kind of currency

that means when using whatever to determine how much it will be for Eric’s bread

it would definitely be the change of dynasties with dead bodies and Skull and Bones everywhere

and always will be

This time all the pricing power that is, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) needs to return to zero

Now it’s not even 100 anymore

it has reached to 40,000

everyone may have seen that it has already reached 40,000

CPI 100 has now reached 40,000 to 50,000

which means that in the past it was $1 to buy bread, but in fact it is now $50,000 to buy bread

It’s just that simple but very terrible

The only thing it could do is smashed it back

What to use for measuring when it’s smashed back?

So who decides (how) to count?

That is weapons and deaths

And for sure that none of the coins you see will exist, it definitely won’t be

If people continue die in world war, all mankind would be over

I’m telling everyone that our humans have been in this war from last year to today

This is our New Federal State of China telling you today in the simplest, most direct and clearest way

that mankind is already at the third time of digital and currency replacing Fiat currency

and it’s the Spring and Autumn Era of a digital currency on mankind

At the same time, the world has entered the era of digital currencies of the Three Kingdoms period

We are one of the top class

There is one more that you need to be well prepared

which is everything in your hand will be worthless

Original Video Title:Human Beings Are Currently in a Situation of The Spring And Autumn Era Which Digital Currency is Replacing Fiat Currency
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