The Beijing Winter Olympic Proves That The Communist Party is Over

Miles Guo

It wouldn’t be a good thing for us if (the CCP) does not host the Olympics

If they do, they will promote it on behalf of us

and prove that the CCP is over

Their money throwing (money bribing) is a complete failure

and it is isolated in the world

More importantly

in the same principle, the 9 or 11 year curse on the former Soviet Union and Hitler will definitely happen to them

9 or 11 years at that time would be 9 or 11 days today

Time will only be faster, not later

Another thing we should have seen is the US imperialism

The US imperialism will definitely tease Xi Jinping hardly this time

When having a few words with what Mr. Pompeo

I said to him that (the U.S.) would definitely win like destroying the former Soviet Union if the U.S. fully counterattack

Both of this and the CCP’s (conspiracy) were what I said to him

I can tell you that we were right here when I said that

Comrade Pompeo has a wonderful speaking

that the CCP is not only our competitor but also our natural enemy

When we observe white Americans

when they say this, it indicates that they have already awakened

The CCP is our natural enemy

It’s a natural contest between the eagle and the snake

The United States is the bold eagle, and the CCP is a snake

which has drawn with chicken paws, fishtail, and cow’s nose

The loyalty and diligence of the cow (the Chinese people’s virtues), and the water that provides to fish (the CCP’s bribery funds)

Moreover, the chicken’s paws (the CCP’s means of infiltration) could also scratch dung (consequences)

scratch lots of dung for themselves

They can scratch dung, they can go into the sky, and even fly

but Actually, you (the CCP) are just a snake

Original Video Title:The Beijing Winter Olympic Proves That The Communist Party is Over
Original Video Date:2021/12/19
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the world should against Beijing Winter Olympic Games!