12/24/2021 Summary Of Mr. Miles Guo Live Broadcasting

Link:https://gettr.com/streaming/pkjcxzd8f5  or https://gtv.org/video/id=61c5c61e00f9a1191809b5c5

1. Xu qiling,one of Xi Jinping’s most trusted people, holds the rank of General of the CCP.

2. Regarding HBO VICE Isobel Yeung’s interview, if there is no video recording in advance, if there is no platform for our own voices, the media preempts you and gives you a death sentence first, so that your emotions are out of control. You don’t even have a place to speak out, so the media is more powerful than the court.

3. HBO VICE Isobel Yeung’s interview designated overseas Chinese as terrorists and cultists, pitted overseas Chinese against the United States, and created exclusion of Chinese.

4. The two anti-Chinese tragedies in Indonesia were manipulated through the media by the CCP. The CCP spread rumors and incited hatred. Now it is the same way to distort the facts, mislead the public and incite racial hatred through Isobel.

5. Isobel Yeung did it just to win the Emmy Award.

6. Few people really understand Communism, neither the CCP nor Marx. But after coming to power it became a dictatorship.

7. The Western understanding of Communism is the challenge of the disparity between the rich and the poor. Westerners treat guests with meals and prostitutes in China, which are cheap or free. Ordinary Westerners in China are treated as Mayors and given priority in job opportunities, so Westerners think Communism is good. The fact is that these treatments are achieved by enslaving and discriminating against Chinese.

8. Mr. Miles Guo’s latest information: The CCP will continue to release the virus after Omicron. People around Xi urge him to beat the U.S. down by continuing to release the virus.

9. The Central State Security Committee of the Communist Party of China has set up a COVID-19 control team, which may release the most virulent virus beyond what European experts know.

10. The CCP’s elimination of Internet celebrity is for the unity of thought, wealth and North Koreanization.

11.There will be major anti-CCP operations in Europe.

12. Zhao Qizhu, Party Secretary and President of Xiamen Branch of China Merchants Bank, fell off a building:Zhao Qizhu belongs to the Wang qishan’s faction and has collusion with Wu xiaohui. Bank Presidents collect money through their families. It will be normal for bank presidents and and their families to fall from a building in the future.

13. Dong Wenbiao, chairman of Minsheng Bank, is dying, too.

14. The fellow fighters do not catch spies over really tiny reasons. The fellow fighter without tolerance will surely stand on the opposite of the Whistleblower Movement.

15.GTV/GETTR/GNEWS’s core values: a. Powerful search function. b. Intelligence information exchange market. c. A platform of individual-based conscientious think tanks that elites around the world can trust.

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Proofreading: Tracy

Posted by: Maarago

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