Highlights of CCP Virus Pandemic EP-3


The world is still under the rampant spreading of the CCP-Virus, as if the entire human-race was stumbled to exhaustion in the devastating destruction of the unprecedented biohazard. As the outbreak source of CCP-virus, China announced its zero growth of the virus, followed by a series of actions which dastardly plot to cover up the hidden facts in Wuhan and other places in this country. Meanwhile, the United States is actively responding the epidemic by conducting multiple measures to ensure the people’s health and safety. And for taking the CCP’s propaganda’s words, many Chinese foreign students hurried home for the so-called “zero-growth” , “free-medical care” and low infection rate, despite the whopping-price flights. Just as Miles Guo noted, the World War III has begun. If we cannot crush the CCP first, we can never control the pandemic.

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Translation:【雪菜】【Ying202064】 Proofreading:【Ying202064】【Winston Jackson】【GM31】【Prof.Bacteriophage】

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