The U.S. Will Sanction 5 CCP Officials, who Undermine Hong Kong’s Democracy

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On December 20, the US State Department announced in the “Hong Kong Autonomy Report” submitted to Congress that it would sanction five CCP officials who undermined Hong Kong’s democracy.

Picture Sources: Reuters

According to the Liberty Times, US Secretary of State Blinken submitted the “Hong Kong Autonomy Report” to Congress on December 20, naming and sanctioning five deputy directors of the Hong Kong Liaison Office, including Chen Dong, He Jing, Lu Xinning, and Tan Tieniu, and Yin Zonghua who sabotage Hong Kong’s autonomy. At the same time, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury also announced that these five CCP officials will be included in the blacklist of specially designated nationals and blocked persons, freezing their assets in the United States and prohibiting their transaction activities.

The State Department stated in the sanctions statement that the United States is paying close attention to the CCP’s undermining of Hong Kong’s democratic system and sabotaging of Hong Kong’s autonomy in the aspects of judiciary, civil servants, news, and academic institutions. If foreign financial institutions deliberately conduct major transactions with persons listed in the report, they will also be sanctioned.

The report pointed out that the Hong Kong authorities deprived the democrats of their voices in the Legislative Council elections on December 19. This was the first election in Hong Kong after the implementation of the “National Security Law” and major changes were conducted on the electoral system. The election results showed that 89 of the 90 seats were won by candidates from the Pro-Establishment camp (a.k.a. Pro-Beijing), which is not surprising given the current political situation in Hong Kong.


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