Thousands of People in Melbourne Took to the Streets Again To Protest Against the Government’s Vaccine Mandates

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On December 18, thousands of people gathered again in Melbourne, Australia, to protest against the government’s mandatory vaccination order.

According to the NCA Newswire, up to 10,000 people gathered on the streets of Melbourne, Australia, on December 18 to protest against the government’s mandatory vaccine order. The protest lasted for four hours.

People who participated in the protest reportedly walked all the way along Melbourne’s streets. The crowd will pause every once in a while to ensure that the parade follows the protest banner. The parade also passed the home of Victorian and Congressman James Newburrie. The congressman told the reporters that the protest team was peaceful and orderly and soon dispersed.

Photo from NCA Newswire

The atmosphere at the parade site was very enthusiastic. Protesters held sign boards up which wrote “No vaccine ban,” “No vaccine passport,” “Terminate the pandemics bill,” and other related words to express their demands. Some protesters also sang a song about “Reclaiming Freedom”. The lyrics are sung: “no more vaccine,” “no more isolation”. In addition, protesters called on people around them to join their marches.

Lyn Bennetts, the organizer of the protest, made a firm speech before the march began. She pointed out that government agencies such as the High Court and the Governor’s Office belong to the people and must withdraw these powers. At the same time, she also reminded the public: “If the police are close, please put your hands in your pockets to avoid arrest. If they (police) use tough means, everyone should videotape. This is a serious bodily injury crime, which can be imprisoned for seven years.”

Last month, Australians also held a large protest against the government’s vaccine mandates and vaccine passports on the streets of Melbourne. Protesters also urged Victoria Governor Daniel Andrews to step down.

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Thousands of protesters swarm Melbourne to fight vaccine mandates

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