An Opportunity for Digital Currency has Arrived

Written by: Ermat

Mr. Guo Wengui said in the live broadcast on December 19 that the abusive over-issuance of fiat currencies by countries also gives an opportunity for digital currencies that represent the way forward. For the first time, humanity can change the properties of money peacefully and quickly without bloodshed.

Printing money is unconventional monetary policy. It refers to a country’s monetary issuing authority injecting excess funds into the market by printing large amounts of money, buying treasury bonds or corporate bonds, etc., which is equivalent to indirectly printing more money. The purpose is to lower market interest rates and stimulate economic growth.

Mr. Guo said,  as seen in world history, when it comes to choosing a national currency as a measure of the value of goods, it must be accompanied by a bloody change of dynasties.

From last year to now, everyone has been drawn into the digital currency wars, cyber wars, financial wars, vaccine wars, and biochemical virus wars that never happened before. Digital currency is the first war, and all the various groups are competing for the pricing, issuing and regulatory rights of the future digital currency.

When the nuclear bomb buried in the financial real estate sector explodes, the world-wide real estate collapses and fiat currencies collapse, digital currencies usher in the era of competition among countries. Finally, through the cruel elimination, the surviving winner must have the characteristics of more users, low system operation cost and strong security. Finally, our New Federal State of China must be the most important country.

Humanity is already in the “Spring and Autumn Era” where digital money replaces fiat money, and the world is bound to move towards a new digital money era of “three countries”, of which the New Federal State of China is definitely an important pole. When the sovereign currencies of all countries are digitized, SWIFT also ceases to exist. Xi coin and Xi yuan will definitely be one of the most powerful factions that will go to the end.




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