Xi Jinping only believes his family members, and governs the country as his family


Miles Guo

Xi’s health is really bad, and Xi is really not trust anybody

And Xi really doesn’t believe in anyone else, only Peng Liyuan (wife), daughter, brother, and Peng Lei (brother in law)

Peng Lei now plays a bigger role than Peng Liyuan, and Peng Lei can determine the fate almost any Chinese entrepreneur

Like Ma Mingzhe, he said that this bastard is a threat to us, 100% let him disappear, and 100% immediately let him become HNA’s Wang Jian

Xu Qiliang has to disappear 100%, this is the scariest thing about people

You look at me, look at Pangu, look at Yuda, none of our Guo’s family member work here, none of them

Not my sister-in-law, my niece, my other family members, there is no one from the Guo’s family

From the first day I hated the family business, till now I still hate it very much, like the New Federal State of China

There is no Guo family member participate, if there is one of our Guo family member’s participating

You brother Miles has become a bad species, badass, and become family world

There is one person who wants to turn anything into his own, into his family, I don’t believe he will have a future

Even with a future, his family will pay the price

I never think that blood relationship can prove how close you are

I never believe in family relationships, blood relationships, it can prove that you can rely on

I never think that he is different from others just because of the family relationship, on the contrary

and I think that put the family relationship into the career is not called the career

It’s a very terrible, very low-level business, whenever I go that many people say

this is our family business for 300 years and 200 years, I said in my heart, so you can be so low now

In 300 years, you can only open a restaurant, in 300 years, you can only open a red wine shop

What’s great about you, human civilization will definitely not be invented because of your creation, right?

You must not be the creator of mankind because you have no dedication at all

Original Video Title:Xi Jinping only believes his family members, and governs the country as his family
Original Video Date:2021/12/17
Original Video Link: https://gettr.com/post/pk22x92750

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XI JINGPING thought he is the king of china, but he is wrong at all