Breaking News! Patient Recovered from Covid shall Take Medication and Attend Regular Check-ups to Prevent Cancer

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On 19th December, Mr. Miles Guo made an earnest announcement to the entire world through his GTV/Gettr live broadcast, that all COVID -19 recovered patients (regardless of age or gender) will have a greater than 50% chance of developing cancer in the next 3 to 10 years.

Mr. Guo firmly stated that “I am the very first one in the world to tell you this!”

The above knowledge was verified and shared by a Chinese scientist, and insider to the COVID-19 development team.  They have defected and escaped from China more than a month ago, and authorised Mr. Guo to inform the world today.  Unless the spike protein MRNA is 100% cleansed out of the body, it will damage body permanently in two main areas: the lymphatic organ and the immune system.  Due to the changes the virus makes to the cells inside the human body over a long period of time, it will result in blood disorders.  And most likely, that will lead to gynaecological diseases in women (because of all the viruses that gather where they cannot be excluded) and prostate diseases in men.

Although those who contracted COVID now seemed to have recovered and no longer suffer from the symptoms, the fact is that virus actually still remains inside their body.  And it is not possible for the body to completely eliminate the virus in a short term.  It takes time here.  Therefore, in the meantime, the only viable curer is to take ivermectin and artemisinin in a sensible way, that is according to the symptoms and treatment protocol prescribed by the doctor, also the treatment must be combined with iron supplements and other various vitamins.  

In addition, it is particularly important to attend regular medical check-ups, including blood tests and lymphatic examinations, once or twice a year, on a long-term basis.  Any form of vigorous and quick exercise must be avoided.

Our scientists have also brought good news!  So long the above-mentioned treatment program is strictly followed, that is, take medications on a timely basis according to the protocol, attend regular medical check-ups, and undergo auxiliary exercise therapy, almost 100% of those who have been infected with Covid can fully recover.

Note: Artemisinin (including supplements), ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and dexamethasone, long-term daily consumption will do more harm than good!

Source:世界第一个对新冠病毒康复者的严正声明,吃药定检防癌变– GNEWS

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