National Pulse “Patriot of the Year Award” Winner: Stephen K. Bannon

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On December 16, National Pulse announced that it would award its second annual Patriot of the Year Award to Stephen K. Bannon, former White House chief strategic adviser and founder and host of the War Room, a well-known political podcast channel.

According to National Pulse, Bannon, 68 years old, attracted the attention of the whole United States in 2016. He led the Trump campaign and defeated Hillary Clinton, the representative of the Democratic camp, in an amazing victory that helped Trump be elected president of the United States. Following that, Bannon served as the White House’s chief strategic adviser.

After leaving the White House, Bannon, together with Jason Miller, former Trump’s communication director, and Raheem Kassam, editor-to-chief of the National Pulse, founded War Room, a political podcast channel, which was a great success, not only one of the highest-rated podcasts, but also loved by more than 95% of the audience.

Bannon’s experience is very brilliant. He served on the USS Paul Foster for many years, and then served as a special assistant to the Secretary of Naval Operations at the Pentagon in Virginia. After retiring from the navy, Bannon went to work for Goldman Sachs; a few years later, he started his career in Hollywood and produced many films; in 2009, Bannon and Andrew Breitbart co-founded Breitbart News Daily; in August 2016, Bannon was invited to join the Trump campaign as CEO.

After leaving the White House and Breitbart News Daily, Bannon launched War Room, a right-wing media platform comprised of podcasts. War Room is now regarded as one of the most important programs among all political and news media programs around the world, and War Room was the first program to recognize the dangers of the upcoming CCP virus epidemic and issue an early warning before the World Health Organization, Anthony Fauci, and others.

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Since the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, Bannon has once again become a hate figure in the left-wing media and has been framed and charged with contempt of Congress.

In announcing the above awards, National Pulse admitted that this political persecution is one of the reasons why the organization is going to pay tribute to Bannon this year. The editor-in-chief of National Pulse said he was very happy to award the second annual Patriot of the Year Award to Steve Bannon. This is not only because he bravely fights corrupt political elites, the CCP and radical Islamists around the world, but also because of his unremitting efforts against the conservative movement of the Western world as a whole and his unswerving adherence to the principles of nation-building of the United States republic.

In addition to being a staunch patriot of the United States, Mr. Bannon is also a staunch supporter of the New Federal State of China. He has always been on the same front as the New Federal State of China. In 2018, Miles Guo, founder of the New Federal State of China, established the “Rule of Law Foundation,” and Mr. Bannon served as the first chairman of the fund. On June 4, 2020, Mr. Bannon witnessed the establishment of the New Federal State of China and read out the English version of the New Federal State of China Declaration; on November 20, 2021, Mr. Brannon participated in the third anniversary of the establishment of the Rule of Law Foundation and delivered a speech…

Mr. Bannon has always been concerned about the oppressed people of the CCP. He often affectionately calls them “Laobaixing” (People in Chinese pinyin). And he also vowed to fight for the liberation of these people living in suffering.

Mr. Bannon has always stood with the people of the New Federal State of China and worked tirelessly to eliminate the evil CCP. All Chinese people should pay tribute to Stephen K. Bannon! He is not only a patriot of the United States but also a “patriot” of the Chinese people.

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