Dr. Peter McCullough Talks About The Backlash Against Hydroxychloroquine As An Effective Drug For Covid Treatment

By: Himalayaguy

The video was obtained from the web.

Dr. Peter McCullough was recently on the Joe Rogan Experience program and talked about the facts surrounding the backlash against hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), an effective curer for Covid infection.

At the early stage of the pandemic, the US stockpiled large quantities of HCQ. However, for reasons unknown, it was not released for the treatment of Covid infection.

Consequently, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), that was founded in 1943, sued the federal government for not releasing the stockpile of HCQ. AAPS is not under pharmaceutical companies’ control as they do not receive funding from the latter.

In early 2020, Dr. McCullough received a call from the White House. Mr. Peter Navarro called him and asked his help to release HCQ, as Rick Bright and others in the FDA seemed to be colluding to block HCQ coming out of the stockpile.

Meanwhile, HCQ experienced similar backlash in other countries around the world. In Marseille, France, for example, Dr. Didier Ryall was studying HCQ. At that time, HCQ was over the counter in France. However, HCQ was made a prescription medicine soon after. The local authorities started making it hard for Dr. Ryall to use HCQ.

HCQ has also been suppressed in Australia. Authorities have made HCQ a basically untouchable drug in Queensland. If a doctor attempted to use HCQ to treat a Covid patient in early April 2020, that doctor could be put in jail.

Simultaneously, some extraordinary things happened. For example, the second largest HCQ producer’s plant was mysteriously burned down outside of Taipei. In Africa, there were some type of mercenary people raiding the pharmacies at night and burning the HCQ.

HCQ has been regarded as an effective curer for Covid infection. Back to 2006, there were studies with HCQ that demonstrated that it reduced replication of SARS-Covid-1 which was the first version of the SARS virus.

The Covid vaccines and HCQ are not contradictory. A Covid vaccine is for the prevention of COVID-19 illness, while HCQ is for the treatment of Covid infection. They should not be viewed as competitive.

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This is only the beginning of the awakening human race against the totalitarian governments and the evil CCP

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great iterview!