American Heart Association: 97.8 Percent of Young Vaccinated People Suffered Myocarditis was Within a Month

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Circulation, a publication of the American Heart Association (AHA), released a second study, showing that young patients have intensive heart problem symptoms within a month after being injected with experimental mRNA CCP virus vaccines.

The study surveyed the data of 139 teenagers under the age of 21 or young patients who were suspected of having myocarditis within 30 days after vaccination against the CCP virus, and they were from 26 medical centers in the United States.

The study pointed out that understanding the clinical process and short-term results of suspected myocarditis is important for public health in determining whether to vaccinate adolescents.

The Data indicated that:

“136 people or 97.8% received an mRNA shot. 131 people or 91.4% had a Pfizer jab with 128, or 91.4%, coming after the second jab.”

“The median age is 15.8 with males (126, or 90.6%) making up the largest share.”

Symptoms generally show within 2 days after injection, and chest pain (99.3%) is the most common symptom.

The study observed magnetic resonance imaging (cMRI) and concluded that “abnormal findings on cMRI is common. Future research should assess risk factors, mechanisms, and long-term results.”

This is the second recently published study by AHA, indicating shocking information about vaccination. Last month, it published a study, finding that most patients would more likely to have heart-related medical problems after being injected with mRNA vaccine.

The study was conducted by Dr. Steven Gundry, a cardiologist who invented infant heart transplantation. Gundry found that most patients have dramatic changes and they are more likely to be at risk of heart attacks and other acute coronary syndromes.

Social media giants like Twitter are warning of ‘unsafe links’ the research of the American Heart Association, which shows that the mRNA vaccine greatly increases the risk of heart disease from 11% to 25%.

A well-known London Dr. Syed Tahir Hussain confirmed that “In my practice, I have seen a significant increase in thrombosis-related vascular diseases, and patients, hospitalized to undergo the surgery and medical intervention, are much younger than those before the pandemic.”

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