Seanad Éireann Supports Taiwan and Condemns the CCP’s Human Rights Violations

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On December 1st, a source reported that Seanad Éireann (Senate of Ireland) passed several resolutions expressing support of Taiwan’s membership in international organizations, as well as opposing the CCP’s military incursion in Taiwan and condemning the CCP’s human rights violations.

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These draft resolutions, co-sponsored by 17 Senators including current Senator and former Deputy Prime Minister Michael McDowell, call on the Irish Government to persevere in its strong support for the personal and political freedoms of the people of Taiwan and to strengthen its interactions with the government and people of Taiwan. Furthermore, the Irish government should reject any attempt to interfere with interactions between the members of Oireachtas (National Parliament of Ireland) and the government and people of Taiwan. They should also condemn all attempts to prevent the government and people of Taiwan from participating in international organizations or humanitarian initiatives.

Senator Diarmuid Wilson, signatory of the draft resolutions, expressed that the Irish government should not yield to the CCP’s pressure, but maintain a good interaction with Taiwan, which is a good partner of E.U. countries, sharing universal values such as democracy, rule of law, liberty, and human rights.

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