Miles Whistleblowing 12.08.2021: Miles Guo Announces Mock Funerals for CCP Kleptocrats

Author: billwilliam

Mr. Miles Guo announces holding mock funerals for Chinese Communist Party kleptocrats and their families as a way to protest against their atrocities, according to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on December 8, 2021. Starting from Chinese New Year next year, the protests will be held in front of Communist China’s embassies, consulates, and the homes of the kleptocrats’ families across the globe.

The mock funerals are a response to the CCP’s brutal treatment of Mr. Guo’s father and employees. A few days ago in December, judicial police and SWAT teams under the CCP’s command raided the Pangu Plaza in Beijing. Residents and Mr. Guo’s employees were forced out of the hotel building. Some off-duty employees were kicked out while they were in their pajamas. What’s more outrageous, gun-wielding police threw Mr. Guo’s 92-year-old father, who is a resident in a suite of the hotel, out onto the streets while temperature in Beijing’s winter was four degrees below freezing. Mr. Guo temporarily lost the information on his father’s whereabouts. Mr. Guo vowed to let the CCP kleptocrats pay for their atrocious crimes.  

Besides, the raid on Pangu Plaza was a pre-meditated act. The SWAT teams first broke into the surveillance control room so that they could monitor the activities of everyone in the building. Then they swiftly took control of the accountants’ offices and the hotel’s machine rooms. Female employees were threatened at gunpoint, and cops smashed their cellphones with guns if the employees attempted to reach for their cellphones.

In response, Mr. Guo announces global anti-CCP protests that feature mock funerals for CCP kleptocrats and their families, because the kleptocrats made provocations first. Mr. Guo exclaimed in anger, “Xi Jinping built a 3000-acre mausoleum for his father. You (Xi) treat your parents as the buddhas. Are Miles Guo’s parents worthless?” Therefore, the mock funerals will primarily target Xi Jinping, Xi’s wife Peng Liyuan, Xi’s mother, Vice Chairman Wang Qishan, Wang’s wife Yao Mingshan, and other kleptocrats and family members. Other kleptocrats who do not hurt Mr. Guo or the Whistleblower Movement may be spared.

The purpose of the mock funerals is to shame the kleptocrats who have committed heinous crimes. Followers of the Whistleblower Movement will drag out coffins and flower wreaths featuring the portraits of the kleptocrats and their families. The mock funerals will be an elegant display, with the coffins and flower wreaths beautifully crafted out of fine materials including perhaps carbon fiber. Mr. Guo predicts the kleptocrats will be so disgusted. Moreover, the global protests will also be an opportunity to broadcast to the world that the CCP unleashed the virus bioweapon and designed the toxic vaccine death shots. The protests are well funded, and participants in the protests will receive cryptocurrency rewards (including H-Coin) and full refund in meals and materials.

Of course, the protests also involve some degree of risk. CCP officials in the embassies and consulates and other spies may hire assassins against the brave protestors. Several participants in Mr. Guo’s live broadcast indicated they fear not. If the evil CCP is not overthrown, the tragedy at Pangu Plaza will repeat throughout the country as the CCP regime plans to arrest the relatives in China of all Whistleblower Movement members. Mr. Guo encourages his followers to have courage: If the CCP dares to kill just member of the Whistleblower Movement, the international world will retaliate against the evil regime.    

The encouraging news is that the CCP dictatorship is at the brink of collapse. The US diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics is essentially a death sentence for the CCP. Other countries will re-examine their relationship with the regime when the United States government no longer endorses it. Among the 57 countries that originally pledged to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, now only three countries agree to attend, with the prerequisite that Xi Jinping will meet their leaders in person. And Xi refused to meet their leaders in person. It appears none of the major countries in the world will attend the Beijing Olympics. As Mr. Guo avowed, the CCP will later be kicked out of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and be cut off from SWIFT banking payment system. If these predictions come true, the CCP regime won’t survive beyond the year 2025.

Mr. Guo’s family and employees suffer horrible persecution at the hands of the CCP. Pray for them. Pray for all Chinese people and people of the world. The force of justice will be with us to topple the communist regime.


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