Cluster Infection Reemerges in Gunma Prefecture, Japan

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On December 5 local time, Japanese media reported the factory in Ota, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, claimed a new round of Covid-19 cluster infection in the area. According to the local hospital conducting the inspection, these individuals’ symptoms indicate that they are unlikely to be infected with Covid-19’s Omicron variant virus. 

The plant is known to have emerged 42 Covid-19 cases from the end of last month until now, of which four have unknown vaccination status, nine have not been vaccinated, and 29 have received at least two doses of Covid-19 two weeks ago, with the number of vaccinations making up 70 percent of the total number of infections.

Analysts pointed out that, according to official data in Japan, the number of people vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine nationwide also happens to be around 70%, so the outbreak of the cluster infection in Gunma Prefecture is sparking strong doubts among the Japanese public about the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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