Former Top Trump Administration National Security Official Says Biden’s Invitation to Taiwan for Democracy Summit Is Significant

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In an interview with the Voice of America on December 7, Alexander Gray, who served as the Trump administration’s White House NSC chief of staff, said it was significant that the Biden administration invited Taiwan to the Global Democracy Summit.

The Biden administration will convene a global democracy summit this week with the participation of 110 governments, private citizens and businesses. Taiwan has also been invited to attend this online democracy event and will be represented by Councilor Feng Tang and Representative to the U.S. Hsiao Bi-khim.

In response, Alexander Gray said in an interview with the Voice of America that the Biden administration has continued the Trump administration’s policies in many of its practices, and that the same is broadly true of its policy toward Taiwan. In particular, the invitation to Taiwan to participate in the Democracy Summit is of great significance.

Taiwanese Councillor Feng Tang speaks at George Washington University in 2019, photo from Voice of America

In response to questions about whether this pro-democracy rally would serve the Biden administration’s purpose of defending democracy, Gray, now a senior fellow for national security at the Foreign Policy Council, argued that it was a huge signal of U.S. support for Taiwan’s democracy and the transformation that has taken place in Taiwan over the past 20 years, and that this move was significant.

Gray said, “It’s a huge signal of support at a time when the aggressive behavior of the Chinese Communist Party is reaching new highs, and sometimes the signal is more important than the statement or communiqué.”

Gray concluded by saying that while Taiwan’s invitation to attend is a huge step forward and success, it remains to be seen whether the summit will achieve concrete results in countering the malicious behavior of authoritarian regimes such as Communist China, Russia and Iran.

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