[December 7th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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I did 110 ab wheel rollouts today. That’s all I have done today, and I really can’t handle more than that. Tomorrow I will do a live broadcast, brothers and sisters. 

Thanks to many brothers, sisters, and fellow fighters for caring about my father. I found my dad; I have found my father. Do not worry! 

Thanks to many fellow fighters. Thousands of them went to Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing to help our employees. It turns out that our fellow fighters really got in touch with the families of many of our employees, and they are all doing well now. Chill out; these colleagues and employees of mine are not stupid, and they will survive. 

I heard that my dad was taken in by a friend at the friend’s house. This is what our employees messaged me about. But I’m not sure about the real situation. 

It’s alright. I will broadcast live tomorrow. Everybody should carry on with their normal business.

Brothers and sisters, this is even more proof of how the CCP “rules the country by law.” Would the fathers of the CCP members end up on the streets at a temperature of minus 4 degrees? I heard that many people who lived in Pangu were cleared out, and their dogs had frozen to death. 

The CCP doesn’t understand the structure of this seven-star hotel. They cut off Pangu’s entire electricity and water supply. In this case, Pangu’s engineering system might catch fire, and the firefighting system is out of power. All structures and designs of Pangu are the most advanced in the world. But if there is no electricity for over 24 hours, it is very likely to catch fire. 

Just wait and see. These bastards want to light up the fire and make Pangu a fire dragon, right? Then Pangu is no longer a secluded dragon, and it’s a Fire Dragon. These bastards are so evil, and this will become a joke of human history. 

All governments in the world that cooperated with the CCP were enraged and furious. I said to them, “you take a look; this is Guo Wengui’s unfortunate experience, who is said to be Xi Jinping’s spokesperson. I can’t find my father anymore; our employees are almost freezing to death; the entire hotel — Pangu Grand View — is cut off from electricity and water…  How hateful they must be to let this happen?”

The CCP, you are finished. I’ll say no more. Everybody, see you tomorrow.

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