GT Online: CCP Calls for Vaccine Barrier in International Forum to Promote Vaccine Death Shots

Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

The “2021 Imperial Springs International Forum” wrapped up in Conghua, Guangzhou. At the closing ceremony, Communist China’s former Deputy Foreign Minister He Yafei announced the “Imperial Springs Declaration,” which is an achievement of the forum. The first paragraph of the declaration emphasizes, “Humanity is a community of shared destiny. The Covid epidemic poses a challenge to all countries in the world. It also proves that unity and cooperation are the keys to defeating the epidemic and are more important than ever.” The declaration also underscores the necessity of a global vaccine barrier. The Chinese Communist Party basically took advantage of the forum to promote vaccine death jabs.

The cases of adverse effects and deaths by vaccines have been surging since the introduction of vaccine passports around the world. As shown by data on side effects published by Pfizer from December 1, 2020, to February 28, 2021: 142 million people were vaccinated, of which 1223 died. By calculation from this ratio, as of November 30, 2021, the global vaccination number is 4.2 billion, so 35,000 people might have died after vaccination by a rough estimate. By the same token, the AstraZeneca vaccine by Oxford has the same fatality rate. As of November 30, 2021, it is estimated that a total of more than 70,000 people might have died of vaccines.

The OpenVAERS database has reported more than 913,000 cases of adverse side effects. Of which there are 19,294 deaths, 97,561 cases of hospitalization, 101,372 cases of severe illness, 3071 miscarriages, 9546 heart attacks, 14,428 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis, 30,967 cases of permanent disability, 4512 cases of thrombocytopenia, 21,583 cases of life-threatening conditions, 34,189 cases of a severe allergic reaction, and 10,643 cases of shingles. This is only part of the publicly available data.

According to Mr. Miles Guo’s whistleblowing, a local official in China (who is also a supporter of the Whistleblower Movement) provided the data that recorded 70,000 deaths by CCP virus or vaccines in a local area. It is conceivable that the total vaccine-related death toll in China is not entered into the public database at all. Vaccines are more lethal than virus.

The published data are only the tip of the iceberg, as humanity will face the vaccine disaster by May next year. At that time when we look back at today’s “Imperial Springs Declaration,” shouldn’t all those individuals involved in promoting the vaccine barrier be prosecuted and punished in a trial for all mankind? The virus and vaccine are a deliberate plan to massacre the human population by the Chinese Communist Party and global evil organizations. They first create a panic by the virus and then use the poisonous vaccines to produce virus spike proteins that disrupt the immune system. The vaccinated will eventually die of various diseases within five to ten years.

These international organizations and pharmaceutical companies (including the governments of many countries, especially developed countries) are acting under the banner of humanitarianism and care about the people’s health, but they are actually assisting murder. Members of the New Federal State of China are the only brave people who dare to tell the truth despite risks. Since 2017, Mr. Miles Guo has led members of the Whistleblower Movement to expose the evilness of the CCP, which plans to achieve global dominance by massacring humankind with biological and chemical weapons. Today, Mr. Guo and members of the New Federal State of China tell the truth about the vaccines through various media and channels, saving humanity by upholding the unbreakable truth. Wake up and don’t die in the confusion.    


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