Is The CCP’s Overwhelming Military Spending For Defence or Attack?

Dec. 7th, 2021

Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

A story on the 6th December 2021, by Breitbart, reports on the ever-controversial Chinese communist regime and the huge and increasing amount of money they are spending on ‘beefing up’ up their military power and arsenal which is staggeringly 50% more than India, Japan, Taiwan, and all 10 members of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) combined according to the latest Asia Power Index.

If that is not concerning enough the CCP is looking to establish its first permanent military presence on the Atlantic Ocean, in the tiny central African country of Equatorial Guinea according to U.S. officials, and add to that a story GNEWS has already covered on the possible implementation of their prototype idea of hiding missiles on cargo ships which you can check out here; and their new domestically manufactured Type 001A aircraft carrier and while unit costs of vessels typically vary, China’s Type 001A-class program is estimated to be much less than that of the US-made Ford-class vessels.

So therefore in terms of cost, the Chinese Type 001A vessels are much cheaper, at around one-third of the price of their US counterparts. So an increase in the communist regime naval fleet as well as their thousands of hidden missiles what are they up to, what is the reason for the massive increase in military hardware. Stay tuned to GNEWS for all your daily news requirements.

For more information relating to this story please click here: Report: China Military Spending Surge — Now 50% Larger than India, Japan, Taiwan, South-East Asia Combined

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