The Shameful Hypocrisy Of The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Dec. 7th, 2021

Police officers escort men into a police van following a demonstration in Hong Kong on Oct. 1, 2020. (May James/AFP via Getty Images)

In a story by The Epoch Times on December 4th, 2021, it talks about U.S. lawmakers calling on the world to focus on those Chinese people locked up for “merely exercising their most basic freedoms” leading up to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The international sporting fraternity has turned its back on the Tibetans, Uighur Muslims, Hong Kongers, and the people of mainland China who are suffering in silence as they have been for many years. This winter Olympics to be held in Communist China are an absolute disgrace as they are more concerned with TV rights than human rights.

“We announce an effort to focus attention not on the facade, but on real people who are not able to celebrate the Olympic spirit, because they are unjustly imprisoned by the government hosting the Games,” said Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Rep. James McGovern (D-Mass.), who lead the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC), on Dec. 2nd.

The chairs of CECC announced Thursday the kick-off of a social media project known as #OlympicPrisoner, which uses the hashtag spotlighting Chinese people suffering under the regime. The Chinese government has stained the Olympics,” said McGovern. “It’s essential we remember that behind the shiny facade are human beings.”

Only a few days ago the first case posted under the hashtag #OlympicPrisoner is Huang Qi, a two-time Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Prize laureate who is serving a 12-year sentence in Sichuan province. Huang founded the website “64 Tianwang,” a news website blocked in China that documents the human rights abuses and protests in the country. Huang was charged with “leaking state secrets” and “providing state secrets to foreign entities” before he was sent into prison in 2019.

The communist regime has always imprisoned their dissenters and any of their citizens that have spoken out about the crime, corruption, and obviously, the human rights atrocities that are committed on a daily basis, who on earth was the decision-maker regarding who should hold the incredibly tainted winter Olympics, there should be a public inquiry as to the decision to hold the 2022 winter Olympics in a totalitarian dictatorship state such as communist China.

Some people and some organisations are about to get very rich because of the decision to hold the Olympics in China, but they all have blood on their hands and everyone can see that. The International Olympic Committee IOC and the Chinese Communist Party CCP will be hoping to get out of this embarrassment of a winter Olympics with praise and adulation, instead, they will be dripping with contempt and disgust.     

The only decent thing to do with this winter Olympic games is to boycott the event and to make sure that such a tyrannical country with an appalling track record of human rights abuses never holds such a prestigious event again.

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