The Colonisation Of The Commonwealth By Communist China

Dec. 7th, 2021

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In a story by The Mail Online on December 3rd, 2021, it talks about how Queen Elizabeth of England is putting a stop to an over 55-year-long role as its head of state, as Barbados this week became a republic. But more significantly, as well as losing a monarch, the West Indian island gained an emperor. Because instead of a ruling Queen it now has a tyrannical ruler namely Chinese communist party leader Xi Jinping.

The 287,000 people who live in Barbados are just the latest pawns in the sights of the Beijing regime as part of its unwavering policy of world domination. Surely, too, it was not a coincidence that this week, in a highly unusual intervention, the head of MI6, Richard Moore, delivered a razor-edged warning about what he said are ‘debt traps and data traps’ that China is laying around the world.

‘The grass always seems to be greener’ well we will all see what a few years of Chinese rule in Barbados will look like, surely Barbados will as many countries before it has and falls for the debt trap scenarios of massive infrastructure spending and lots of money for everything. But when these loans are called in and the Barbados government can’t pay them back well surprise surprise the Chinese authorities already have a plan for that, they will simply take a port or an airfield to cover the completely unnecessary over-valued loans, this has happened many times before especially recently in Africa.

Warm words and pageantry at the ceremony marking Barbados’s transition to a republic attended by both real royalty and the celebrity version in the shape of pop star Rihanna may seem a world away from ruthless geopolitical rivalry. Yet the events in Barbados are a microcosm of China’s ever-growing influence over a swathe of the planet one in which British influence was once unparalleled. For years, experts have warned of Beijing’s creeping grip on poorer countries and accused the Communist regime of locking these nations in the so-called ‘debt trap’.

Hopefully, everything will work out well for the people of Barbados but the truth is that only the powerful government officials will benefit from their expensive gifts and offers of extra funding for schools and transport links, the Chinese communist regime’s debt trap has been set so let us see just how long it takes to ruin an absolutely beautiful place like Barbados.

For more information about this story please click the link: How China is colonising the Commonwealth: As Britain beats itself up over our imperial past – and slavery – countries once loyal to the Crown are kneeling to Beijing which is building its own empire and enslaving a million Uighurs

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