Russia Massing 175K Troops on Eastern Border for Ukraine Offensive

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Based on an unclassified intelligence document, the U.S. media claimed on December 3 that Russia is preparing a “multi-front offensive” with an invasion force of 175,000 troops on its border with Ukraine. This report confirmed Miles Guo`s whistleblowing in two of his live broadcasts that the CCP has colluded with Russia in planning an attack on Taiwan and Ukraine at the same time.

The U.S. intelligence document, which includes satellite photos, shows that Russian forces are massing in four locations. The plans involve 100 battlefield tactical groups with an estimated 175,000 personnel. Currently, 50 groups are deployed, along with newly arrived tanks and artillery.

An anonymous Biden administration official said that the Russian plans call for a military offensive against Ukraine as soon as early 2022 at a scale twice as large as a Russian exercise near Ukraine`s borders in the spring of this year.

Earlier this week US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said evidence shows that Russia has made plans for significant aggressive moves against Ukraine, and the adminstration threatened Russia with new sanctions. This Friday, President Biden said that his administration is preparing hard-hitting measures to respond to any possible Russian military offensive scenario. The source also said that there is an ongoing Biden-Putin virtual summit.

Sources: Russia Massing 175K Troops on Eastern Border for Ukraine Offensive

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