China Speeds up Central Enterprises Integration

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China Logistics Group Co. was officially established on December 6, 2021 with the approval of the state council. It is the first integrated central enterprise in the field of logistics. This new central enterprise, with integrated logistics as its main business, is based on the former China Railway Materials Group Co. and China Chengtong Holdings Group Co. In addition, strategic investors such as China Eastern Airlines, China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited, and China Merchants Group were invited to achieve diversified shareholders.

Xi Jinping administration is concentrating on the fast tracking to nationalizing enterprises. This is the way all dictators must go to achieve their personal dictatorship. In the era of dictator Mao Zedong, China had to shut down itself from the rest of the world and depend on “self-reliance and hard work”. Economic Reform and opening up under Deng Xiaoping’s administration made a chance for the party to continue to rule the country, shifting from state-owned enterprises to private companies. In order to successfully push such change, the Chinese government vigorously propagated the disadvantages of state-owned enterprises and advantages of private enterprises. Comparing to the above,Chairman Xi reverses the course for his political aim, which again left with egg on the party’s face.

Since 2017, the Chinese government has been establishing a credit management mechanism for domestic logistics companies. The state Post Bureau established the “Interim Measures for Credit Management in the Express Industry”, enabling the postal administration to take a series of punitive measures against logistics companies in the default List.

In January 2018 the state Logistics and Purchasing Logistics Information Service Platform Branch signed the “Memorandum on Strengthening Credit Construction and Implementing Joint Discipline for Logistics Service Platforms” to start sharing blacklist information and implementing joint discipline.

The Chinese Communist Party gradually squeezes the living space of private logistics companies through rogue logistics regulations. And they are clearing the way for state-owned enterprises and laying the foundation to achieve the next move of family-oriented enterprises. ” Dictatorship in logistics ” not only controls the free flow of goods and communication but also achieves the purpose of robbing people’s wealth for their family gain. The China Logistics Group monopolize the domestic and international land, sea and air express, leaving no chance for private logistics companies.

Source:中共央企重组整合加速“物流集团成立” – GNEWS

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