Low-Level Errors Appear Frequently in China Court Written Judgments

Translator: Yue Ying Wan Chuan/Leng Ci
Proofreader: Lish

According to recent media reports, low-level errors appear frequently in China court written judgments. Mistakes related to city names or province names can be found in more than 50 judgments on the judicial documents website. In a civil lawsuit in Hebei, there are at least 10 mistakes made on the written judgement, such as the name of the law firm, the name of the company, and the amount of money involved in the case.

The frequent appearance of typing errors in strict and serious legal documents demonstrate the law’s status in the Communist Party of China. The fact is that the CCP regime has never paid their respect to the Rule of Law. Promises and agreements can be torn up at will and referred to as “historical documents” to dismiss the effect of the law, like what they did in Hongkong.

The Chinese Communist Party has a long tradition of disregarding the law, which can trace back to who they are. Historically, the violent revolution advocated by communism began by breaking down the legal system to seize power. A group of thugs without any restraint will not want to put themselves in a legal cage after seizing state power.

In practice, why the situations are repeatedly happened

Firstly, the number of entry-level judges is in small number. An entry-level adjudication (dry-run) judge need to handle over a hundred cases a year, sometimes as many as two hundred. There is always no shortage of employees in China. However, there are special rules for court employees both explicitly and inexplicitly, limiting and creating a shortage of entry-level legal talent. Also, many people in the courts who are in charge have no real talent.

Second, personal relationship is the key to those who want presume Law career. In countries where the rule of laws is in place, judges are selected from among senior lawyers and legal practitioners, while in China, working in the court room is mainly based on you or your family connections, and case judges are always concerned with interpersonal relationships and the leadership influence.

A few days ago, the case of a female judge in Guangnan County, Yunnan Province, who was forced to produce 478 fake rulings under pressure from the leadership, reflected the actual colour of the legal system in China.

Source:中共國沒有法律——法律文書密集出錯的真相 – GNEWS

Published by: Lish

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