34 Battleships From 5 States Conducted a Joint Military Drill to Defend the Indo-Pacific

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Sources on Nov 30th local time stated that from Nov 21st to 30th, 34 battleships from five states, namely the U.S., Japan, Australia, Canada, and Germany, synergistically participated in the joint naval maneuver hosted by Japan in the Philippines Sea.

According to NAVALNEWS, the drill subjects included enhanced maritime communication tactics, anti-submarine warfare operations, air warfare operations, replenishments-at-sea, cross-deck flight operations, and maritime interdiction maneuvers.

In this regard, former U.S. naval officials emphasized that, in recent years, given CCP’s persistent threatening actions in Indo-Pacific regions becoming more and more aggressive, 34 battleships from 5 states conducted response drill up to ten days. Which not only multiplied the realism of the maneuver but also illustrated the great significance of this drill.

In addition, some comments pointed out that the location of the maneuver was chosen in the Philippines Sea was obviously concerned with CCP’s coast guard’s previous attack on the Philippines’ supply ship with water cannon. As the threat posed by CCP in the South China Sea constantly escalated, the frequency and intensity of the Japan Self-Defense Force’s maneuvers were adjusted therewith.

Experts believed that CCP’s threat dramatically affected the annual joint military maneuver; in the future, the South China Sea will be a hotspot for frequent drills.

As regards the frequent drills of the U.S., Japan, and other western countries in this region, comments said that it was a signal transmitted by U.S. and Japan to CCP. That is to say, the U.S. and Japan will not be intimidated by PLA.

Sources: A Sense of Impending War: 34 Vessels from Five Countries Guarded the Indo-Pacific in Joint Military Exercise

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