Australian Media Says that the Development Process of the CCP Vaccine was Unreasonable

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Lakers

On December 1, the Australian media reported that there are irregularities in the Chinese Communist Party’s research and development process for the new vaccine, and such irregularities are mainly manifested in two parts: the unusual timing and the irrational publicity. 

The Australian media pointed out that the CCP began administering the first COVID vaccine in China as early as February 2020. According to CCP news media, Chen Wei, who rushed to Wuhan during the COVID outbreak, developed the adenovirus COVID vaccine on January 26, 2020. Immediately thereafter, on Feb. 26 of that year, an initial batch of COVID vaccine had been rolled off the production line.

Australian scientists stated that from a scientific point of view, no country could transform the vaccine theory into a vaccine that could be administered to humans in just five weeks. The Australian media believes that as early as late 2019, the Chinese Communist Party knew that the Covid outbreak was imminent. Therefore, it immediately began developing a so-called response vaccine. 

The Australian media also mentioned that Zhou Yusen had applied for a patent for the COVID vaccine in February 2020, yet he died mysteriously in May of the same year. Meanwhile, neither of these two events were covered by the Chinese Communist Party media in any way.  Such practices, according to the Aussie media, go against the CCP’s usual propaganda strategy and make the CCP’s development of the COVID vaccine more suspicious.

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